0.8.0 and PlayStation 4

It is now early May and many of you are correctly wondering two things: where is the snowboarding & snowmobile update, and where is the PS4 Beta? Well, here are some answers! 0.8.0 Update The 0.8.0 update, which was originally targeted for a late-April launch, has been delayed a few weeks....

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Getting Gold Medals

Steam user Pilot (Crackbagged on YouTube) has made a handful of great video walkthroughs showing how to get Gold Medals on a bunch of different events. Check them out below and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

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SNOW Replay Manager Tutorials

Create incredible SNOW video edits with the Replay Manager CitizN and Petty77 are two of the most creative players in the SNOW community and have already posted more than different 10 video edits of SNOW each! Their edits always show great camera work and editing skills and the quality level and creativity never...

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Whitehart Castle

SNOW Behind-The-Scene: Whitehart Castle We are super excited to present a behind-the-scenes look at a new area of Sialia which will be part of the next SNOW update (0.6.2), coming very soon. When we launched SNOW on Early Access, Sialia had an old medieval castle located on the western face of the...

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SNOW Store Update

SNOW Store update - Color Variations, Bundles, And More The latest Game Update (0.6.1) included a few new features and improvements to the overall SNOW store functionality. This blog post will outline these new features in case you missed them. Color Variations Character Items now have color variations! Certain items are now available in...

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Free Roam Leveling and Drop Points

SNOW's Leveling System And Drop Points TL;DR - You can now earn XP in SNOW and level up in Free Roam by riding to End Session points. Some Drop Points now require unlocking based on their type. Back Country drop points are unlocked by riding to them while Heli Drop drop...

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The Replay Manager in SNOW

SNOW's Replay Manager One of the core features of SNOW is to provide users the tools necessary to make amazing videos. SNOW is a game about self expression and there's no better way of doing that than by making an edit to show off what you get up to on the...

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