Release Notes


Game Update 0.10.0

Game Update 0.10.0 released on December 21st 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4. Content Added DC JibCity event to Whiteridge Added new clothing and equipment from Vans, Dakine, Yes, 686, and Bonfire Added new clothing and equipment from Lo2 & Poppermost Overall improvements to Sialia Overall improvements to Tyro Valley...

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SNOW Game Update 0.9.2

Please note, this release is currently available only on PC. Read why here. Gameplay New Tutorial (read more here) Art Added Tyro Valley Added new skiing grabs (Gucci Grab, Critical Grab) Added new snowboarding tweaked grabs Small animation improvements Tweaks and improvements to Sialia Updated key/button indicators in legend Improved Time of Day...

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Game Update 0.9.1 Hotfix

Thanks to many of you sending in crash reports and reporting other issues through our Discord channel ( we have fixed a few major issues and released a hotfix earlier today. Here's what we fixed: Fixed "Press any key..." popping up at random occasions Fixed inability to change time of...

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SNOW Game Update 0.9.1

Please note, this release is currently available only on PC. Read why here. Art Added new cosmetics from DC, Sessions, Electric, Bonfire, Capita, Ride, Coal, and Lo2 Added new Garden Gnome Session Marker Added 2 brand new types of snowmobiles, Climber and Discovery Added new rail props to Prop Tool...

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SNOW Game Update 0.9.0

Art Events Added B&E Invitational 2016 Added Northpaw Invitational Added Ice Ice, Maybe? Added On The Rocks Added Yeti Big Air Added Tanner Hall Invitational Mountains Added B&E 2016 Added Eastwater Industries Drop Point in Sialia Added Northpaw Glacier Drop Point in Sialia Added Lost Piste Drop Point in Sialia...

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SNOW Game Update - 0.8.0

Main Features Snowboards Snowmobiles Improved Store layout Reworked Event and Map selection UI Added Mountain Store for future use Additional Fixes and Improvements Fixed localization for tutorial to handle push/tuck separately Tweaked default cam so you can see infront of you a bit easier Fix possible MP crash caused by non-existent...

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SNOW Game Update 0.7.1

Featured changes: Upgraded to CRYENGINE 3.8.6 Introduced premium Drones and Session Markers Session Markers are now stored on backend and therefore persist over multiple sessions Vastly improved Frontend lighting Redesigned inventory to display all items in the same view Added new Key Remapping menu Score is now rewarded for grinding...

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SNOW Game Update - 0.7.0

Featured Changes Moved majority of game data to pak archives in order to speed up level load - Downside of this is bigger update downloads Implemented new Dedicated Server auto-scaling backend Introduced new servers regions; US West, US East, Oceania and Europe Integrated new server browsing UI Implemented new Purchase...

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SNOW Game Update - 0.6.3

Content Added new Premium events (Nine Knights, B&E and Jon Olsson Invitational) Added new Momentum Park area Added new Sunken Town area New Santa bundle Events and End Session Added new XP screen Added new reward screen, shown after events or ending a session Fix crash when exiting event Event...

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SNOW Game Update 0.6.2 - Multiplayer is Live

Play SNOW with your friends The new SNOW update 0.6.2 brings not only multiplayer but fixes to a lot of bugs and performance issues. See full changelog list below: Multiplayer Note that Multiplayer is still in early testing, and we therefore have a limited number of servers available. We'll be...

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