27 Jun

Hello again, everyone.

I know a lot of you have been wondering what has happened to us and why we have been so quiet over these last few months. Rest assured, we are still here and we are still hard at work on SNOW. The ride, however, is bumpy, so as is typical with indie games, we have both good and bad news to share with you (surprise, surprise).

First, some good news. Officially, today (but unofficially back in late May) we have created a legitimate company and have decided to focus on SNOW as a full-time project. We are now called Poppermost Productions and are a registered company in Sweden! For you fans, this means that we will be significantly more alive than before, sharing more updates and content through our various networks, and hosting more competitions like we did over Christmas. Most importantly, this means we will be getting you something to see soon.

The bad news is that we continue to encounter technical issues that affect gameplay. We are staying true to our original promise to create the most realistic winter environment experience possible, and will not be satisfied until we get it just right. Our announcement trailer displayed an early prototype version of the game, and we have gone back and rewritten a lot of the player mechanics since we saw a lot of room for improvement. Since we are working with proprietary technology we have encountered several unexpected hurdles that we are in the process of working around. We have been in close contact with the engine developers and are hoping to fix these problems soon.

In the meantime, we want to thank all of you for your patience so far. As most of you know, game development is not a walk in the park and always has its ups and downs (peaks and drops). Thankfully we feel continually renewed and refreshed by the energy and support of our fans who share our love for SNOW. The announcement trailer that we released late last year spread to many news and blog sites and we have received excellent ideas and feedback on our forum. We are grateful for such a large and positive reaction so soon in development, so thank YOU for keeping us moving, passionate and excited about the future of SNOW!

Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook page or Twitter account for more updates as things develop.

/Team SNOW

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