25 Jul


Here are a few answers to the various topics that you asked about last week. The other half of topics will be answered soon, so stay tuned!

Rail Tricks – Once we are happy with regular movement and aerial tricks, we can’t wait to start work on rail mechanics. Right now we are discussing how the mechanics will work for tricks on rails since there are so many nuances we would like to capture, maintaining the greatest variety of tricks and combinations. If you have any suggestions, you should head over to our forum and make a post in the Wishlist forum – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Console Ports – Unfortunately due to the many logistical difficulties involved in bringing a game to consoles, this is something that we have no plan in pursuing at this moment. Though we believe that SNOW would make an excellent console game, it would be unrealistic of us to get your hopes up that it might happen. That being said, if the right opportunity were to arise, CryENGINE 3 is a multi-platform engine and therefore it would be technically possible to release SNOW on consoles.

Realistic Everything – This is a very broad topic because we are trying to create a realistic environment and authentic experience across the board. I will try to touch 3 main areas where realism is our focus: movement, tricks and environment.

Movement: When you are skiing and snowboarding, you are being pulled downhill by gravity. Because skis and boards are very smooth, you usually gain speed relatively quickly, relying on turning to constantly manage speed. The idea of controlling speed through turns is something that no other ski or snowboard game has really mastered and is what we think will make the SNOW experience unique and authentic. Turning combined with directional controls will give you great turning accuracy and enable you to cautiously navigate down steep rocky faces.

Tricks: To perform harder and more complex tricks, you will have to practice. We are taking a lot of inspiration from 1080° Snowboarding and the SKATE series on this, and will share the details with you when we have a more developed plan.

Environment: Because our controls give the player movement and speed accuracy, we have the freedom to make our environments very realistic with all the challenges that a real mountain poses to skiers and snowboarders. There will be rocks, bushes, trees, cliffs and a whole slew of unique assets that will constantly challenge the player to improve accuracy and skill. Navigating obstacles will be important for survival and will also be necessary to successfully stick to the line that a player chooses to take down the face of the mountain.

Customization – Players will have the opportunity to customize their character in many creative ways. Height, body type and skin tone will be fairly preset, so the main customization will be focused around clothing and gear. There are roughly 8 places on your character where there is the possibility for customization, not including skis, board and bindings. Items will either be free, will require unlocking, or available for purchase through micro-transactions. More on this at a later date.

  • BlueBurn

    awesome guys! cant wait for this project to realese! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/niko.pesonen.5 Niko Pesonen

    Seriously… micro-transactions? I’d rather pay for the whole game than pay for something I could have earned by actually playing and being good at it. Nevertheless, sounds like you are doing progress and that’s great :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/niels.schippers Niels Schippers

    exactly please no micro-transactions that is ruining most of the games now-a-days so please you guys are a indie development and please keep it that way i like it way more when it is small and not based on profit even though i think you guys sure are worth a hell lot of money i think you can better just leave the micro transactions.

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