4 Sep

As the title says above, this post will outline our plans for Character Customization. As all of us at Poppermost ski and snowboard, we understand the importance of self expression on the slope. The most basic method of this is choosing what you wear. We want to replicate this in SNOW and give players a massive catalogue of gear and equipment to choose from.

Before picking your clothing, players will first pick their character’s sex, skin colour, hair style (and colour) and one of a dozen preset faces. From there, you will have access to the Customization Shop. We have “split” the character up into 7 different areas, each of which will have multiple subcategories and plenty of choices. These areas are: Head, Eyes, Face, Chest, Back, Hands, and Legs. In addition, of course, you will also be able to purchase new Boots, Bindings, Skis, Boards, and Poles.

Our plans for Character Customization don’t stop there. On top of choosing what you look like and what you wear, we’d like to allow players to further customize their character with smaller details such as stickers and tattoos. We are also interested in getting real brands involved. It would be amazing if we could offer players the chance to customize their character with the exact same clothing and gear that they wear in real life. So, if you work for a gear or equipment company (big or small), shoot us an email – we’d love to talk!

Below is a work in progress screenshot of our Character Customization scene. This is a rough estimate of how you will view and customize your character. Please keep in mind that the left half of the screen will contain the menu. As this is all still work in progress, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you like/dislike and any other ideas you might have for this feature. So, head over to the SNOW Forum and tell us what you think!

  • hryho

    so awesome ! cant wait :)

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