2 Oct

In recent days, we have been working on the front-end design of SNOW. This means we have been conceptualising the design of the menus that will guide the player into the game as well as refining the UI that will be on-screen while the player is riding around the mountain. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

 In designing the UI, our ultimate goals were:

  • Keep the appearance simple, clean and minimal. We don’t want to cover up the player’s view into the world or obstruct anything that might affect the player’s riding
  • Retain the theme of SNOW’s logo and branding
  • Have the UI aid the energy and speed of riding, not detract from it

With these values in mind, we decided on four UI elements that will be displayed to inform the player.

Score - The score will always be visible and show the player’s current score. At any moment, the score is a sum of all of the user’s successfully performed tricks and all other score-generating events. Above the score a list of the most recently performed tricks will also be displayed. Users will be able to disable this list to further streamline their UI, but we thought it could be a positive addition to the game experience for some users focusing on their trick performance.

Timer/Positon - The timer/position UI element consists of the race timer, split timer and player position and will only be visible during appropriate competitions and events. We hope to animate this element so that certain parts are not displayed when not in use.

Event - This element appears when a score generating event occurs. This includes performing a trick successfully or completing difficult manoeuvres – in this case, riding between two trees. The name of the event and points received will be displayed. Additionally, the combo timer will appear in the top corner of the element and begin counting down to zero. If another event is performed before the timer reaches zero, the player will be awarded a combo multiplier and more time on the combo timer.

Achievement - This element appears when you have successfully completed an achievement. Though the list of possible achievements has not yet been finalised, we hope to have achievements in all aspects of the game.  In this example, the player has just completed an achievement that required them to ride between 100 trees.

So that’s the UI in its current state. We are still playing around with it so if you have any other ideas or think you can do better, feel free to share your thoughts with us. As usual, our Forum is the place to take all discussions or you can come chat with us live on our IRC Channel.


Until next time!

  • Hulu

    Double cork 1440? I thought the idea of this game was to make a skiing and snowboarding simulator much unlike ssx?

    • krispeuf

      I think the picture It’s just a photoshopped mockup, not representing an actual game session.. But anyway, people actually do double cork (or even triple) 1440 in real life.. just check it on youtube !

    • BermudaRectangle

      The thing is, moves like that are starting to become possible by top athletes in both sports.

  • Tom

    Looks amazing!! Love it!


    this looks amazing, ui is good and clean, graphics of the actual game look good and i like the trick thing in the bottom left. good stuff!

  • Igor

    Hey I have an idea. You should have an impact meter so that if you go big to flat, you can knock yourself out or even get hurt, maybe stopping the session. That way, it will feel it more realistic and keep players looking for tranny and stuff. Also, the ability to step out of your skis/board and hike back up to “session” things, would be awesome. I’m currently trying to develop a mountain biking game and hope to implement both of those things. But you guys should too! Keep up the good work.

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