11 Oct

In this post I will briefly talk about the different types of events that you will be able to compete in in SNOW. Our goal is to create a solid foundation of events for users to compete in around the mountain. Once we have a feel for what users like, we can design more types of events and add them to the game.

These are the events that we have come up with so far, but we hope to edit and expand this list as time goes on based on your feedback. As usual, if you have any ideas or comments, please make yourself heard on our Forum.

Freestyle - Freestyle events are un-timed, challenging the player’s knowledge of the mountain / snowpark and skill in performing tricks. Attempting to earn as many points as possible in a single session, the player must successfully perform their best tricks and combos to take the top spot.

Freeride - In Freeride events, the player will receive points based upon a combination of time and accuracy on a given course. Accuracy is defined by checkpoint markers that direct the player down a predetermined route.

Big Air - Like Freestyle events, Big Air events are all about skill in performing tricks- but this time, the tricks take place on a single jump on the mountain / in the snow park. Encouraging players to think big, players are given three attempts to achieve as high a score as possible on one jump. Some Big Air events may even require a predetermined trick to be performed for the points to be recorded.

Descent - Similar to Freeride, in Descent events the player must reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Based purely on time, the player must figure out the fastest route down the mountain without the aid of checkpoint markers.

Speed Trap - In Speed Trap events, the player is given a marker which they must pass through at the highest possible speed. These markers will all pose certain challenges to the player due to their location within difficult terrain.

All of these events will of course be in addition to a Free Roam mode. In Free Roam, you will be able to choose your own line down the mountain, with points being awarded for tricks and how long it takes for you to reach the bottom.

  • Luftwaffe

    Love the speed trap idea

  • Johnson

    Personally I only care about the feeling of riding. I play Skate, Stoked and Amped to relax after work and ONLY use the freeride mode. Having to unlock every mountain and boards beforehand is more bother than fun for me.

    • Jon Kanon

      I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with this. So many snowboarding games focus on so many other aspects, but forget that the FEELING is what’s most important. It’s the sole purpose of why I played Amped 2 so long, and continue to play Skate.

      • Marlon

        Oh yes Amped was the best Snowboard game ever… I still like and play it.. Its just the style and everything in amped that makes you keep play:)
        Hope you will make Snow some way like amped or stoked :)

  • Alex

    They should put this game on , it would get a lot of funding

  • Glenn

    Sounds great! But i agree with these other dudes, well i always do the contests, but it’s the game itself thats most important! If the physics could be like in skate it would be perfect. Also it would be nice if you focused on railriding, maybe some streetparts?

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