20 Dec

We thought we’d share with you a short clip of how the game looks at right now, provide you with an update on our progress, and give you an idea of what still needs working on in the short term.

Recently we’ve been filling out our mountain, tweaking gameplay and have started implementing a brand new set of animations. This means that we’ve now got a reasonably large gameplay environment to test our core mechanics in, and the right animations to make things look and feel authentic. We also have most of our riding code implemented and a bunch of trick-related features in-game and working at a first-pass quality.

There is still a lot to do however. For example, the UI (we have the assets in place, but have not hooked them up to what the player is doing) and any particle effects for moving in the snow itself need to be implemented. We also need to continue tweaking how the player rotates in the air and performs grabs – it works, but we are working on making it better.

So, that’s where we are now. Enjoy the video.

  • Niklas

    Starting to look really good, can’t wait to play it

  • Kristian

    Really looking forward to this game!

  • Luftwaffe

    I’m just waiting to see a snowboard :P

  • Winston

    This looks fantastic!! That mountain :O

  • MountainMan

    The physics and fluidity look great! Nice work!

  • Fry


  • fellan

    fan va grymt!! bra jobbat som fan, förstår att det är mycke finslipning kvar men det verkar LOVANDE!

    hoppas ni lägger mycket krut på KÄNSLAN och inte på utseendet


  • Johnson

    Ever since Skate I am not a fan of the far away, radio controlled car style camera-angle any more. Do you plan to implement another, closer angle, that showcases the rider (more importantly, the board/skis) more?

  • powderpredictor

    Looking Good

  • Aaron Smith

    Just came across this recently, and its looking fantastic. Have you considered selling it through Steam?

  • WillWrt

    If it’s anything like a ski version of StokEd, I can’t wait!

  • thanksbrain

    Looking really good guys! I hope you are going to put in a pole plant though, none kinda makes the skier too static and unrealistic.

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