So we’ve been really bad at releasing content the last few months. All of us have been working really hard these last few months and just haven’t had a moment to put something together to show you. We want that to change, and will do our best to release something new every two weeks. This may be a screenshot, artwork or even a gameplay video showing some new features we have.

So, to start it off, here are 4 screenshots of the mountain at various times of day. Everything you see in these images is ridable and contains lots of fun and challenging gameplay elements and terrain types. The mountain is massive and has a dense environment, so there is lots and lots to explore. Markus, our artist, has been spending most of his time working on the mountain, and I must say he’s doing a fantastic job.

Until next time!





  • Powness

    Looks amazing guys! How long does it take from the top to the bottom?

  • Dumpsta

    A jump off that dam wall please. Even a 15m drop.

  • Tom

    insanely good. Love it!!

  • Confined

    Just needs some lights in the park!

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