That’s right, SNOW is now live on Steam Early Access.

In case you’ve missed it, we have a great new launch trailer to go with the release.

You can view the game on Steam either by clicking PLAY above, or by visiting this link.

As the game is still in early development, we do not have everything functional. To help you out, we have put together this guide.

  • dayton

    please make the clothes longer

  • Kaffeebohnson

    Wow awesome new page!

  • Hkon

    Can you guys fix the bug on the game soon. Its lagging sow mutch and its just crashes all the time

    • Bentmo

      Can you guys fix the bug in* game soon. its lagging so* much* and it* just crashes all the time.

    • ben

      it’s probably because your computer can’t keep up with it

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  • LA

    $14.99? I thought it was free???

    • Jesus Christ

      the game is free you pay for alpha testing, next year at full launch it is free

  • phil

    shredsauce is free. good luck competing with 15$ prices

  • zack

    so does it just not work on macs? and also whats this paying to play bullshit.. isnt it supposed to be free

    • bennisolomon

      did you find out yet? cause im wondering the same thing

      • TheGhostWIthin

        chances are since mac and pc are two different os the company needs to program it over to a mac format, and since the majority of gamer’s (computer wise) play on a pc its easier for them to start with that an then convert later. I would if i may.. boot camp your mac and load windows on it to play games depending on what mac you have. The newer one’s 2012 on up no longer come with amd or nvidia gpu’s unless you have the 27″ iMac. the macbook pro’s and MBPR display have integrated with intel 4000. which is not bad but for this game you would want something more powerful than that.

  • Rafiq

    QUICKLY, TO THE STEAM STORE. Nanananananana

  • Anthony Woods

    Will it be multiplayer? If so it will be bought in a sec.

  • Dcannon

    is the snowboarding?.

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  • Ivan

    Will be snowboarding and better animations?