Well, it has been just over a week since SNOW launched on Early Access and we couldn’t be happier to hear how much people have been enjoying themselves in the game. Of course, there are some of you that are still having issues running the game, and we are doing our best to support you with fixes or work-arounds. Please be patient, as we are trying to balance tech support with adding more features to the game. If you are having issues with the game and need support, we recommend you go here.

We really appreciate those of you that have been spending countless hours in SNOW and have been providing us with amazing feedback. To that extent, we have gone through all of the feedback on Steam, Facebook and other websites and compiled a master list of it all. We have then gone through it and sorted the feedback into time estimates so that you can understand what is possible for us to add/fix now versus what might take a few more months. We have also provided a bit of commentary to each piece of feedback that should help you understand our view on it.

So, please read below!


Short Term (0-2 months)

  • Full controler support – this is priority #1 after multiplayer. We love that some of you have taken it upon yourself to come up with better controller settings and will defintely test your versions before deciding on the direction we will take
  • Restart should restart straight away / quicker respawn loop – we would definitely like to find a solution to allow players to more quickly respawn at their last spawn point. Our current plan would be to add another option in the Session Menu (what appears after you crash or when holding TAB) and also a hotkey that can be used at any-point ingame
  • Jumps in park should be easier to hit with given speed – we tested this many times before the release but can happily reduce the size of the jumps to make landing them slightly easier
  • Limit ability to control rotation in air – this will be fixed as part of a larger rework of in-air rotations
  • Keep character parallel with ground during on-axis spins (spin assist) – we are looking into a solution for this that doesn’t interfere with your rotations
  • More forgiving to land switch – this should be fixed in the latest builds as we did a slight rework of landing detection
  • Side stepping when stopped – we have an animation for this but need to implement it. Currently buttering can be used with the same results
  • Halfpipe – halfpipe riding requires some special code as it goes against normal riding mechanics. We have done some work on this but need to spend a bit more time to get it to work
  • 1 button jump for controller (temporary) – should be easy to do until we have a better Trick Stick implemented
  • Tuck when in switch – will be added shortly based on a tweaked pre-ollie pose
  • Charge spin for rotation before you leave the ground – This will be added during the same rework of our in-air rotation system. The way we are planning it now is to reduce your turning radius while in the pre-ollie position but have the remaining turn-force be added to your rotation when you pop. We will have to have special animation poses created at a later date to give a
  • Controls feel sluggish / more control when going slowly – This all comes down to the variables we have set up. This week we will publish a document that lists all of them and welcome you to tweak everything in-game and submit new values that you think are better than the current ones
  • Buttering should be slower – our current buttering implementation is super basic, so it will eventually require a full implementation when we have necessary animations and a clearer idea of how we want buttering to work without it allowing players to cheat
  • Reverts – we have a revert animation but need to implement it properly. The current set-up would be like performing an Ollie, but pressing DOWN and then RIGHT (instead of UP)
  • Make speed up / push forward another key other than W – we agree that this is an issue, but haven’t found an elegant solution that is intuitive. What we are considering now is to bind Tuck to Left Shift
  • Make spacebar jump – Already done!
  • Dislike having to tap W to keep pushing – this was a conscious decision to mimic the feeling of pushing. Like in SKATE or even games like GTA, you feel more connected to the character if you are having to repeatedly press a button to keep pushing. We would like to improve this, however, so that the faster you press the button the faster/stronger your pushes actually are
  • Hide score – Currently you can simply enter “sys_flash 0” into your console. We will add a better solution that just affects the score though
  • Toggle mouse look – Again, this is something that can be accessed through the console (pl_mousecamlook 1) but we surely add a hotkey to access it quicker


Near Term (2-4 months)

  • Snowboarding – shortly after we have redone the skiing animations, we will implement snowboarding. We understand that many of you are snowboarders and want to be able to snowboard in SNOW, but you will have to be patient, like all of the skiers have been while waiting for a game to feature skiing!
  • Afterbang – we have animations for this but need to implement a system around it. The current thought would be to encourage players to perform Afterbangs after landing a trick, especially if the trick is Stomped (resulting in a bonus points)
  • Pole planting – we can’t promise this is possible, as it would require some type of prediction system and special animations that would be dynamic enough to understand the terrain
  • Player hitbox too small, making landing on rails too hard – the issue here is that the skis are not completely physicalized. Right now the only “physical” part of the player that touches the ground are the feet. We have tried to physicalize the skis several times without luck, so this is a feature that will require a few more attempts before we get it functional
  • Landing physics – this is called IK (inverse kinematics) which allows dynamic moving of joints based on external influences. We have done a bit of work on this but will take a bit longer until we can implement it fully. IK will improve the look of landing as well as riding (as the player’s body will better adapt to the slope)
  • Ski tracks – although a seemingly simple feature, we have to consider how the tracks will affect multiplayer performance. If we want to have tracks remain over a session, they could end up causing performance issues, which is something we have to avoid
  • More controls with the type of turns (carving) – We hope to add a more dynamic turning system (or at least better looking turns) when we update the animations later this year/early next
  • No poles option + shorter poles option – We can remove the player’s poles easily, but we would like this to be reflected in the player’s animations too, so a proper implementation will be when we update the animations
  • Longer parks – we have a massive park area planned on the far-side of the mountain but just need the time to implement it properly
  • Add skating to gain speed, not just pole pushing – this will come with new animation pass
  • Make map available by pressing M – can be implemented easily
  • Animation delay when grinding – this is a bug and will hopefully be fixed soon
  • In-game controls display – hopefully we can use the loading screen to display controls in the future
  • Better powder effects – particle effects can be very demanding so any improvements might require us to build our own system
  • Aspect ratio support – yup, just need the time (and some 4:3 monitors to test this on)
  • Names below the items – we have it set up in the back-end, we just have to connect it through and make sure items with long names are handled correctly
  • Better pose in shop – we will be doing another pass of the shop that will greatly improve its look (and the player’s pose). We felt this was a fine system so that you can see all of the items at once
  • Settings menu (gfx, controls etc) – This will be hopefully implemented sooner, but is a bunch of UI work, so it can sometimes take a bit longer
  • Store accessible while riding – We think this would be great, and shouldn’t be too hard to implement, but just need to hook it up
  • Minimap / name runs – We plan to have run/area names but do not plan to have an in-game minimap. This doesn’t fit the style of the game and we think it would make the experience more arcade-y
  • Chair lifts – we have the art but need the time to hook them up. Not a huge priority in our books
  • Backpacks – these will be added eventually
  • Real-time stats (speed, airtime, vertical) – we track all of these values, but need a subtle way to display them on-screen
  • Balaclava + bandit masks at the same time – should be pretty straight forward to implement, but we’d rather focus on other elements of the game at the moment
  • Bindings stay on skis – we are trying to figure out how to do this, unfortunately it’s not as straight forward as it sounds


Long Term (4 months +)

  • Kick turns – no promises here. This is a very dynamic mechanic that would require a bunch of work to get to work right with gameplay
  • Snowmobile – this is already planned for the long-term, but should be awesome
  • crash cam + injury report – we have already done a bunch of work on the crash-cam, but anything additional to that would be a long-term feature that isn’t a very high priority for us
  • Achievements – we have had some internal discussion on this topic but will simply require the time to implement them. We think there are a bunch of great stats that can be tracked for achievements
  • Linux support – this is out of our hands as Crytek is the developer of the game’s engine. We expect Linux support sometime mid-late next year
  • Avalanches – of course we would like to add avalanches as soon as possible, we just have to figure out the best system to handle it and make sure it looks awesome and gives the player the right feeling in-game
  • Snow building up on player’s clothing – this should be possible but will require some of our own tech to be written to handle it and make sure it’s not power-hungry
  • Radio station / MP3 player – radio stations are a bit of a stretch as they would be very expensive to develop (think about how much work GTA puts into theirs). We would like to allow players to control their favorite music app through the game though
  • Teams / Crews – this is a planned feature but we need to really think about how a team should fit into the world of SNOW. If you have any ideas, please do share!
  • AI skiers – we have no plans on adding computer-controlled skiers to the mountain. This is a lot of work on our end and we would rather players just play online with real people
  • Replays – replays and replay editing are great features that we already have planned. Hopefully we can get something in sooner than later, but it’s hard to tell at this point
  • Female riders – this feature will take longer to implement as it requires a bunch of specially designed systems to resize items to female proportions
  • Village at bottom of the mountain that contains your inventory – We’d rather make the store available to the player in-game rather than have to have mountain-specific inventory villiages
  • Snowcats – eventually SNOW cats will be roaming around the mountain and can create interesting situations for players to be creative
  • Build/place your own jump – this would be totally awesome and really extend the sandbox experience we are going for. It will just take a bit of time to implement correctly as it requires a bit of every discipline to create (art, design, code)
  • Terrain park builder – this is a huge feature as it requires us to create a simpler version of the CRYENGINE editor in the game. It is planned, but shouldn’t be expected any-time soon
  • Yeti – Just need the art, animations, and a cave for him to live in
  • Changing conditions – we have done a little bit of investigation into weather, but don’t have any plans to implement it in the near future. Hopefully with the next mountain we will have some changing conditions
  • Urban environment – planned but just has to be built. We hoped that our current Terrain Park would have a bit of an urban feeling to it to keep you busy for now
  • Walking mode – this is possible implement but we don’t see a real reason to do it. We’d rather give you the tools so you don’t have to walk around
  • More career/skill progression – we have no intention on creating a career or actual “skill” system in the game. That being said, we do want to have some systems that add more depth to the game and provide some type of progression. More on that later…
  • Interactive map – we’re not sure how we want to handle this just yet as we need to find a system that fit our overall look
  • Physical character customization / hair – planned but it’s a lot of work so we just need time to get around to it. You might see some bits come in before others, depending on their complexity and importance
  • skifan

    And what about that xbox version?

    • Breareos

      wait 3 years and see where the game is.

      • BombJack

        Has anyone suggested a speed gun/trap?

  • snowboardfan

    When will snowboarding be implented?

    • snowboardfan

      Oh, and : Keep up the great work!!! Awesome Game!!!

      • Guest

        Can you read?

    • Law Zaba

      Can you read? It’s top of the list near term 2-4 months Lazy

      • Snowrules

        Snowboarding wasn’t on the list when he wrote that.

        • Law Zaba

          IF that’s true then I will just go ahead and consider myself a royal @$$hole.. :-

  • Even Gundersen

    If you make this game online, it would be the best game ever!! :)

  • SCndZ

    Actually, the radio should be pretty easy to address. Just go the euro truck simulator 2 route which allowed to stream internet radio stations, with a large database already implemented and the option to add more

  • Taint

    Can we get an ETA on the ski texture bug being fixed?

  • Aaron Smith

    Awesome stuff guys! Thanks for all the feedback on the feedback!

  • me


  • slothlife

    When you are talking about physical character customization do you also think of “real clothing” which are affected by wind etc.?

    • Kaffeebohnson


  • Jon Peterson

    I’d like to humbly request reconsidering adding a minimap (in a low priority timeframe) as an optional, off-by-default feature. I agree that it would give the game a bit more of an arcade-y feel, but at the same time it’s something I would personally love to be able to turn on when learning the mountain, or when racing a planned route.

  • Kaffeebohnson

    What about proper working Controller Support? When is that planned?

    • Law Zaba

      Are you kidding me!? It’s the very first thing in the article covered!! Do you read? Can you? Or are you LITERALLY that lazy? What you are REALLY saying is.. “Hey, I am a lazy ass and this LOOKS like it could cover something I’d like to know…” Click. Scroll all the way down. ” Hey guys I am lazy could someone read this for me and address my questions?”

    • tomolart

      Yea mate its the first thing bro aha.

  • Trickyflipz

    If you are planning to make a village at the bottom of the slope, why cant you just impliment some urban spots there at the same time?

  • Krishnapop

    When does it come out for Mac OSX?

    • Gavsmith

      It doesnt. Cryengine doesnt support macs

  • Wally

    Maybe a jump with slope for ski jumping would be nice to?

  • Scott

    Please make a session marker and a function to level out of a cork ? :)

    • Chef-Jitsu

      YES PLEASE! A session marker is a must! & a speed indicator will help too!

  • edd

    could you make a pre-rotation button? :)

  • Marco

    Hey you :D

    These things would be really really awesome!

    Session Markers
    Faster Spins
    Detailed Map when hitting “M” while Playing

  • chris

    when will this be out for mac?

  • jack

    what about snowboarding???

  • Brighton

    how about it being FREE?

    • Ski_Guru

      buy it and support the devs. $15 isn’t much and it helps them add further features and they need some money to buy Mtn. Dew when they code.

      They have said the game will be FTP next year.

  • Troz

    “Restart should restart straight away / quicker respawn loop – we would definitely like to find a solution to allow players to more quickly respawn at their last spawn point. Our current plan would be to add another option in the Session Menu (what appears after you crash or when holding TAB) and also a hotkey that can be used at any-point ingame”

    I reckon a good solution for this would be rather than respawning when you crash why not just create an animation that knocks the character on their ass in to the snow and get back up where they wiped out?

  • georgebrown

    what about settings

  • Dodel

    For people wanting to use a controller, try running with Xpadder, and bind the keys to your joypad, it’ll do until full controller support is initiated.

  • s3bas01

    Settings Menu should be the first thing on your list to get out, like ASAFP, not some tiny fix’s for riders doing tricks, thats something you can work on later on in dev. the structure of your implementation for features is way off, why would you make curtail features of a game wait 2-4 months.
    1 thing i notice is i cant even play SNOW -.-” even though im not at min req i get massive lag and constant file dropping/failure to load stuff in-game causeing me to almost insta-crash

  • Viciousdogman

    Being able to choose the size of your clothes would be great, some people like their clothes baggy and some a bit more tight, this is something that i think would help the game create a more “real” experience, since “fashion” is a big part of the skiing community and a big part of the skiers riding style.

    Great game so far, except i can’t play it every once in a while. “Loading Frontend”
    Thank you!

  • Richard Randell

    why buy a ski game and ask about snowboards? idiots

    • Jake

      It’s a winter sports game and the devs have talked about snowboards.

    • Tokin

      Screw you buddy, the fact snowboards aren’t in yet really disappointed me.
      Here is the description for the Early Access Alpha on steam: “SNOW is the upcoming free-to-play open world winter sports game, giving players the chance to freely explore a massive mountain environment on SKIS OR SNOWBOARD – alone or with friends. Players may also take part in solo or multiplayer events and challenges and customize their character with over a dozen real world branded products.”
      After reading that, I personally assumed snowboards would be in the game already. Why in the hell would you release the Alpha without them I thought. Well I guess I just spent 15 bucks on something that I will have no urge to play when said key feature is released, which for me makes the game unplayable without.

      • lol

        Should have done your research tard

    • Tokin

      Also the game is called SNOW not SKI

  • Nick Velcea

    I personally think that a map something like what you would see on a real ski mountain would be really cool. something like this: http://www.pikpuk.com/ggis/skiareas/1160.jpg

    • Jonathan Fluck

      i agree completely, i think this will make it sooooo much more realistic and fun, good call sir, good call

  • Jake

    Sounds great! Really liking it so far. Keep up the good work!

  • Tom Steinbrecher

    I’d have to say that i think that there should definitely be a walk mode. I understand you shouldn’t realistically need it, but think about it. Sometimes when you’re skiing you’ll be willing to take your skis off to get those extra two turns in your line, and I think that would be reality in a game like this as well.

  • Pierce Bartley

    Where is the best place to leave feedback? Will founders pack users get a private forum to talk to devs?

    • Breareos

      naw, the devs are pretty open as it is.

      Go to the Steam forums.


  • Murray tabalithingabadbackgamm

    How can people still be asking when snowboarding is going to be implemented when it blatantly tells you in the blog post? “Retards, retards everywhere” .

  • Enton

    I have no sound in the game…:(

    • Dodel

      Sound isn’t implemented yet.

  • Marshal

    Hi, I snowboard and ski in real life but live in the UK where there is only a few real places to go do the sport, being able to play such a realistic game like this is from home is great, it really reminds me of Skiing for real. I really hope this game becomes what you want it to be. Oh and it would be amazing if there was working chairlift that could be used to go back up the mountain, that would just make it utter perfection on multilayer, especially with a town that you could meet up with friends in and go out looking for jumps. Is it just me or is this game sounding like it will be the perfect game for its genre?

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  • will

    unsupported video card detected (error), what should i do???

    • Dodel

      Give more details of what Video Card you’re running for a start :)

  • Chris Boggs

    Should have button remapping. Playing shredsauce and trying to spin with arrows is really messing me up. Also, should be able to zoom the camera out, or at least make the camera a bit more smart when hitting jumps.

  • BombJack

    speed gun/trap?

  • ian_dershem

    When are you going to add sound?

    • The man with answers.

      Recording the sounds this winter

      • http://fjordcraft.no/ Fredrik August Madsen-Malmo


  • Zack

    I’d like the ability to keep pushing after the initial 4 or 5 pushes it takes to get to what is now considered “no more pushing time to just tuck” speed. I often (when skiing in real life) will still “push” with the poles even when at a high speed to keep my speed up and nearly never tuck. I’d rather have tuck as a separate button/function/command.

    Also when pushing on flat terrain or when building up speed initially, the ability (could be just an automated worked in animation) to push with the skis 1 foot at a time as well.

  • Chef-Jitsu

    I am a huge action sports game fan, from the days of “Skate or Die” and beyond. Looking at all the upcoming changes to be made it looks like you are headed in the right direction. The physics are still a little off and it seems very difficult to get the proper speed for jumps in the park. The park layout is very strange as well but that may just be me. Keep up the great work. For an Alpha it is very fun and I look forward to seeing the complete game!

  • me2

    Does the game have moguls in any of the areas?

    • Chef-Jitsu

      Use F3 after spawning at the top of the Mt. and head to the left side if you are looking at the face of the Mt. there are some natural moguls. The free roam is awesome. I have found Ice Caves, Road Gaps and much more!

      • Melvin

        I actually got out of the world and fell into the void :D

  • ryan

    Please guys, if you are reading this, listen to me. Do not dumb down the game for the weak players. Your game will be short lived if you do. Make it challenging but fun enough for the players a reason to stick around to learn it.

  • Ryan Sovran

    add style packs so u can chose ur own style of skiing such as back country park ormore more urban or “gangster” kind of style

  • Walle

    Tbh I would love to see “walking mode” implemented. It would give a nice feel to the game if you ask me. Just one guys opinion though ^^
    Love the game btw :) keep up the good work

    • http://fjordcraft.no/ Fredrik August Madsen-Malmo

      I just asked on the Steam group and they said they are going to make it possible to take off your skis/snowboard.
      But this is in the long term plans :)


  • Bryce Thomas

    why dosent this work for mac i already bought it for my macbook air and it told me not available for this computer i want a refund!!!!!

  • http://fjordcraft.no/ Fredrik August Madsen-Malmo

    Where can I find the Bronze Skis? And will I get a bronze Snowboard when that get’s implemented?
    How can I access the other parts of the mountain? (East side/West side etc.)
    Keep up the good work!

  • Bryce Thomas

    make it available for macbook air

    • macsareterrible


  • Dakota

    So far ive played for an hour and i think i have wasted 30$! I dont find the game controls to be very smooth and the jump is delayed so sometimes you jump and sometimes not. I am really hoping this game is going to get a lot better with the smoothness and controls and feel of the game. I am really stoked because this seems like it could be a really dope game. Also i think adding a feature where you are able to change quality settings would be great because some of my friends dont have amazing computers but they love the game. Keep on working hard and i think this game will be one of the best out there.

  • Chef-Jitsu

    A Jib (grind) button would be nice so I could implement contact with an obstacle. I cant lock onto the “s” rail in the park and there are some cool features I would love to “Bonk”. I did see the mention of the skis not being physicalized.

  • EPiiCFAILx

    Already played upwards of 12 hours on this, really really cant wait for a handful of these items and features, fast becoming my all time favorite game :D. would happily spend the money on early access all over again

  • Red720

    I think different types of turn and the ski interacting with different types of snow would make this game great.

  • Merlin Herold

    The Game is totally awesome, but i cannot see a note for bringing sound into the game

    Keep up the great work :D

  • yes

    I’m sorry but the yeti seems kind of pointless… No hate but there should be more focus put into other aspects to make the game realistic!
    Keep up the good work.

  • jake

    this game is awesome and just telling you guys that when I go into the store and then try to access the mountain it stops working..thx sure u knew that

  • blueaseer

    This game does not feel like a f2p game at the moment. It also LOOKS like a normal one. So yeah, I don’t think this is Free 2 Play material. Its better. Plus free to play needs to die.

    • tomolart

      Couldnt agree more.

  • goggen

    I bought snow yesterday on steam and when it was ready to download and to install the game would not open up. It says that the game is 129 mb so there must be something wrong? what?

  • Hellooo

    I i just looked through some of the comments and noone seems to read

  • Hellooo

    And i could probably answer all those questions

  • mmckenzie

    First off, I haven’t actually been able to play but just see videos of the game so far. I really like what I see, but something that’s missing from most if not all ski games so far is Imperfection. Sure, you can land sideways and bif, but if you’re turning hard and suddenly hit a bump it doesn’t make you crash as it would a real skier. I realize there are a lot of difficulties that would be involved in this, but part of it would simply be using the engine’s physics in conjunction with center of mass and normal force from the ground. If that were implemented along with a limited absorption range from the knees, it would make the game spectacularly realistic.

    This would make the game significantly harder – so maybe if it were implemented it should be either tuneable or optional, but personally I would love to see it as it would give the game a realism far beyond other ski/snowboard games.


    I think online in a free roam place would be awesome because I dont see this game having a bad community, I think everyone would be pretty chill

  • Hapaboy99

    can we get some sort of settings manager so less beefy computers can run the game as well?

  • JRUNN18

    when will itbe mac friendly without having to use bootcamp

  • drossen

    any news on the changing conditions, which is a necessary element really

  • Becky Gibson

    Bought the game yesterday – it’s awesome. Looking forward to snowboarding and female rider implementation in the coming year :D

  • Ed

    Is there a plan to save your footage and not just using fraps?

  • craig

    Ok where do i get this game??? Can someone send me the link for the download or the link to by it.

    • craig


  • Snowfan

    im really enjoying the game so far, the only thing that i would want implimented soon is a custom spawn marker . so next time u spawn after bailing you go to your point to retry a certain obstacle.

  • gnargar

    Just played for the first time for about an hour. A lot of work left to be done on this game (hopefully) but I like the concepts so far. Great environment, expansive terrain, scenery, equipment options, multiplayer (haven’t played), ect. Lots of potential in this game. Character mechanics are terrible right now however. Stand, tuck, stand, tuck, :Pff. Too much delay/lag for turning and stopping as well. I sure hope some focus goes into that area because it is what always seems to kill most winter sports games.

  • SolarPolarMan

    Working Ski lifts.

  • Jack

    I’d first like to say that this game is great, and as a person living In a non-mountain area, I only get to go to real resorts about 1 time a year. This game slows me to ski at a mountain every day! Also it would be great if we could make and publish our own resorts via the steam workshop!

  • FadeOF

    I imagine wo take a snowmobile, go to a sick place, build your own kicker with friends and then just have a sich Jam-session :OO would be so freaking awesome

  • Jagen

    Teams / Crew: you could for a team or crew and go up against other teams and crews in a score attack type mode, or even a race.

  • Santi De Miguel

    The first person view, AWESOME, but tide a little in the long run, imagine that with oculus rift, could be awesome

  • drew

    snow mobiles!!!!!!!!!!!! now i can get to the edge of the map and infinitely fall to my death allot faster XD

  • drew

    jokes aside the finished games sounds bad ass cant wait

  • Geoffrey Gombeir

    -For teams: wouldn’t it be nice to implement a place where your team could hang out and with your ream and you could have team events/ tournaments. Also would be nice to make or implement your own team logo.
    Maybe we could also make it so we have the option to make our own teamevents where we can show our tricks off to eachother and do like a sort of jam sessions.

    - Environment: haven’t been playing a lot so i don’t know if this is already included but it would be nice to see some difference in terrain surface. Like for example you have some icey spots between the snow just like in real life which make it different to turn on.

    - Events: it would be nice to see some boardercross for snowboarding.

    Like the game so far keep up the good work.

  • Chris

    Tail/Nose tapping move/animation! That would be sweet.

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  • wow

    it would be pretty awesome if we had the option to change clothes size, so people that likes to ride baggy get to ride baggy and the other way around!

  • Nathan Broe

    it would be nice to be able to toggle motion blur as it can make it hard to see sometimes

  • Kiseleon

    I want to be able to ride the chair lifts so much! Being able to have the full experience of spending a day on the slopes would be fantastic. Never having to open up a menu and just ski to your heart’s content.

    PLEASE let us ride the chair lifts soon!

    • Danny van hagen


    • Hurfanator

      Riding a chair lift and watching other skiers skiing in multiplayer would be amaaa-zing! Why should we always need to use the spawn menu? Please let us ride the chairlifts in the future!

  • OmegaHonigbauer

    Please add big forests and bears or animals like this :D Please add more settings :D I can´t turn the graphics on Very High :D
    Sorry for bad english :D I?m german ;D

  • ignaz

    the game need`s random AVALANCHES…

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  • Mauricio

    Please do implement being able to take your bindings off and walk around, It would be an awesome way of exploring the mountain, been able to hike to a slope with your friends, or seeing a gnarly jump and being able to hike it. It would feel really generic if one just had to go down the mountain to respawn on the top of it again.

    • Mauricio

      Remember you description “giving players the chance to freely explore a massive mountain environment”, another thing I would like to mention is making collisions with other players realistic

  • Pingback: Sidney Robertson

  • jackdaw

    Here’s a super long term goal: skydiving. And wingsuits. There’s a thing called speed gliding which involves skiing while attached to a parachute. Also, SSX 2012 did wingsuits. How cool would it be to skydive onto the peak of a mountain?

  • Bastian Stirl

    i got the tester pack by a friend of mine @ steam … i´m really stoked about the graphics, the landscapes aso. for a pre-alpha/beta really really awesome

  • snowboard dude

    when will snowboarding be added?

  • uselessguy

    I’m on Vista and still can’t play it.

    It says error loading DLL: CryFont.dll, error code 183 afterwards it stops working(what it never did)

    I PAID

  • skylimit

    How about a button where your skier will turn backwards before entering to jump or rail. It should be optional for a player to make and decide their own button confurications…

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  • wioabl

    More mountains would be nice.

  • Dylan Alexander Welter

    I think it is a really cool game. I indeed think snowbaording should be in there. It seems really buggy when i run it and it may just be because its still being worked on, idk. but i like it :) good job and keep it up!!

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  • Bill

    Do Nvidia graphics cards not work?

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  • Florizzz

    Speed is really an issue for me. Like when i play the fotchi map, the first set of rails is allright. The second set of rails i approach at 50 km/hr but i can’t seem to even attempt to go over the russian doll. The same goes for the park in sialia, I have to release spacebar perfectly and I barely make it over the knuckle.
    Also, when I attempt to grind on rails, coming up with speeds of 50-60 km/hr i seem to come to a complete stop on the longer rails. I think it would be great if rails didn’t slow you down as much as they do now.

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  • Lolindir_Fox

    there’s no plan to have Sound? other than radio?

  • Parker Clarkson

    List of suggestions:

    - Xbox Controller Layout Change and
    Control Update

    - Spinning Mechanics

    - Grab/Shifty Controls

    - Rails

    - Butter Button

    - Butter Control Effect on Rails

    - Brake/Slow Control

    - Urban Setting at Base Area

    - Replay Function

    - Cornice Features

    - Different Camera Perspective

    - Spawn Point Menu With Trail Map

    - Xbox Controller Layout Change and
    Control Update/Spinning Mechanics

    I noticed when spinning the character
    does not square his legs with his shoulders after he starts spinning,
    instead he remains twisted up throughout the rotation. Allowing the
    characters skis to aline with its shoulders will create a easier
    visualization from takeoff to landing. From this neutral position the
    player will be able to control the characters skis with the right
    analog stick from that point on. This will allow for a more intricate
    grabbing system and smoother landings.

    - Grab/Shifty Controls

    The shifty stick (right analog stick)
    will come into play after the player sets their spin putting them at
    the neutral position. At this point the player has the choice to move
    the right analog stick freely making the character shifty their feet.
    This shifty will allow the player to use the momentum of their skis
    to change how fast or slow the character will spin. The other action
    this analog stick will control is how the character grabs, this will
    include the triggers of the controller. The right and left triggers
    control the characters right and left hands and with the analog stick
    the player can shifty their skis to create different grabs. For
    example if you pushed the analog stick forward and to the left while
    pushing the right trigger this would perform a blunt grab. After the
    character is holding a grab the right analog stick would become the
    grab tweak stick. Once the player lets go of the grab the analog
    stick returns to its original function which is the tweak stick, this
    will allow the player to release the grab and finish their rotation
    for a clean landing.


    The jump effect should be more
    sensitive once a player has landed on a rail, this would allow
    switch-ups on long rails. In order to make rails a more enjoyable
    feature in the game, the character should be able to lock onto a rail
    if they are within a foot of the rail (or reasonable lock on
    distance). The angle of the characters skis should visually change
    depending on how sideways the player lands on the rail, this would
    create a good visual for doing switch-ups on the rail.

    -Butter Button

    The butter button would simply angle
    your characters body up the mountain creating a bend in the ski. This
    would create a manual/wheelie type function that the player could
    spin in and out of. The butter button would be held as long as you
    desire to be in butter mode. Once locked onto a rail the butter
    button would become the ‘press’ button, depending on the direction of
    the tweak stick the character would either do a nose or tail press.

    -Brake/Slow Control in Both Directions

    I also noticed when you hit the brake
    button, the character only stops to one side (his right). Allowing
    the player to stop on both side will help create more control in the
    big mountain aspect of the game.

    -Urban Setting at Base Area

    I also think it would be a cool idea to
    have a town at the bottom of the mountain open to urban ideas and
    events throughout that could give a sort of career mode feel to a
    level. A way to set up your own features would be cool but I
    understand it would be complex.

    - Replay Function

    A replay function would create an
    online community of its own. Also being able to save replays to your
    hard drive and show your friends is a great feature to have in any
    action sports game.

    - Cornice Features

    It would be a good natural feature to
    have in the game to open up a variety of terrain including couloirs
    and other technical terrain. Also a cornice would create a flat spot
    on top of a peak that would be a great place to put a spawn point.

    - Camera Perspective

    Allowing the player to control the
    perspective in the game is a great way to allow player to make the
    game their own. There are three options the player should have to
    control their camera. A high view looking down on their character
    from behind. A lower view behind the character. And a first person
    view allowing the player to navigate through rocky terrain. Along
    with these three options the player should be able to control how far
    away the camera is from the character.

    - Spawn Point Menu With Trail Map

    The menu should have a trail map of
    each peak with about 3 spawn points on each, to the right there
    should be a list separated into two sections: Game Spawn Points, and
    Custom Spawn Points. Depending on what the player has highlighted on
    the list, a corresponding spawn point should be highlighted on the
    trail map showing where that spawn point is located. Original system
    would work fine if organized and a list added along with spawn point

    - Different Styles

    There should be three different styles
    of skier in the game: The Park Rat, The All Mountain Skier, The
    Mountaineer. The Park Rat would excel in jumping, grinding, and
    pushing, there would be other options weather to have a loose or
    tight style. The loose style would wear baggier clothes, and have a
    more hunched skiing style, while the tight style would have better
    fitting clothes and a more upright style of skiing. The All Mountain
    Skier would be good at anything although they have a choice between
    being better at park allowing them to jump better or better at big
    mountain allowing them to drop bigger cliffs. The Mountaineer would
    excel at navigating through rocky peaks using a slower speed. The
    Mountaineer would be able to choose between stoke where the character
    can withstand landing bigger cliffs or sending it where the character
    can make sharper turns.


    Teams should be of your friends online,
    crews of 2-4 people compete in fun park games like S.K.A.T.E. Having
    both a rail and jump option. Other options like big mountain races
    and things like that would be cool.

    If you think any of those ideas are worth having please copy and paste them in future comments!

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  • skifordayz

    why cant i change the controls or access most things on the menu