We have decided to focus on releasing bigger updates every month instead of pushing them out as soon as they’re ready. This gives us more of a chance to test things before they go live and also allows us to focus on getting the best feedback from the community.

So, today we have pushed the first monthly release, what we’re calling “M1″.

The details of the update can be found here.

With each big release we will also include a developer video showing off the new features.

Here is M1′s video:

  • BongSquat

    When will you be adding snowboards?

    • yung lean 2002

      fuck snowboarding

      • anonymous

        fuck you

      • SpraySkiers

        Fucking skiing

  • Nate

    Not sure if it’s my setup or what but the most recent updates have made the games run much less smooth. Everything seems to be a little delayed and glitchy. Stoked on the game though. Keep up the good work!

  • Joe

    the grabs and the ollie should be the same buttons as in jibbin

  • Kaden Meyer

    I think back packs would be a cool feature in the clothing selection.

  • ski boy

    i think snowboards should be dded into the game. also backpacks and stuff

  • Champstation

    I think there should be snowboards, lifts and pists, a bigger fun park and the halfpipe-steering-system must be changed. I love the game sooo much but please make some cool features in the game.
    I thank you if you do it.

  • Aroidzap

    It will be nice to have inverse kinematics for legs (when they are not at same height)

  • Philip

    Is snow available for Mac too?

  • Patrick1982

    Please stop crying about snowboards. They “might” add them in the future. Wait, or go back to Shaun White snowboarding or SSX….

    • Fck you

      Fuck you buddy

      • Jorre Van Dijck

        no, he has a point.

        • WOLF

          NO he doesn’t get your facts right.

        • Fck you

          And fuck you too.

    • WOLF

      They didn’t say they MIGHT add snowboards they specifically said “skis or snowboard-alone or with friends” in the Steam description.

      • Patrick1982

        read it again… under: Planned Features

  • grizzy

    Please make the game like Shaun White snowboarding as said below with pists, chair lifts etc… thank you and the game is awesome keep up the good work

  • slowhandmatt

    After the update to make it run on vista it now goes pitch black when spawning on windows 7. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • losl

    Maket it for ps3 !!!

  • JC

    I think you could improve the rider’s flexion as he’s bending on his knees (before jump) and as he’s landing (after). It would deeply reinforce the impression of reality just like the player’s sensations.

  • tairygreen27 .

    I think especially when snowboarding is added there needs to be more grab options. Like grabs in the diagonal directions. That’s the biggest issue for me. Otherwise this game is incredible! A game like this has needed to come out for a LONG time. And I’m glad the right people is taking it on. You can tell that this studio actually cares about this game and the feedback from the community. Can’t wait for this to be fully completed

  • tairygreen27 .

    Also an option to tweak your grabs and tricks would be great

  • skiboy

    i love the update! when will the game be free so i can get it for my sonon his laptop?

  • rok merlak

    WHen its going to be f2p for PC

  • me

    please make it run on intel graphics

  • Unik04

    Hi, I have the black screen too, just like slowhandmatt, does anybody knows what to do?

  • J Touy

    Keep up the amazing work guys! Cant wait for the snowboarding update. Nice to finally see someone step up and make a Skiing/Snowboarding game!!!

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