We are excited to announce that over the past few months we have been growing the team at Poppermost. Thanks to the success of SNOW’s Early Access launch, we have been able to more than double the size of the team and also move into our own office space in Stockholm.


Poppermost now consists of 7 full-time employees with a great diversity of experience and background.  Including the original 3 co-founders, Poppermost is…

Alexander Bergendahl (CEO & Game Director) – Alexander deals with all business, planning and marketing operations for the company. He also is responsible for driving a unified vision for SNOW.

Markus Palviainen (Art Director) – Markus has been the level designer, environmental artist and character artist up until now. Moving forward, Markus will mainly focus on character art while also managing the rest of the art team.

Filip Lundgren (Tech Director) – As the only programmer until recently, Filip had to develop every mechanic and system himself. Now, Filip will be focusing his skills on more specific tasks, including managing the physical systems present in SNOW.

Jake Oliver (Environmental Artist) – Jake will be spending his time creating a unified visual style for the mountain environments in SNOW. Starting with Sialia, Jake will create new rocks, trees and mountain features with gameplay in mind that fit together visually.

Marek Hudzik (Programmer) – Relieving some of the weight from Filip’s shoulders, Marek will be focusing on various gameplay elements like in-air rotation, grinding and in-game cameras. He will also be building SNOW’s leveling system and other gameplay hooks.

Tobias Johansson (Level Designer) – When building Sialia for Early Access we didn’t have the time to create a scalable system for designing the mountain. Tobias has been spending the past month exploring different methods of level design and will implement new areas and replace old areas on the mountain in the coming months.

Stjepan Stamenkovic  (Programmer) – Stjepan is Poppermost’s newest team member and is freelancing from Paris, where he is also working towards for his Masters in Science. Beginning by creating a simple structure for events in SNOW, Stjepan will continue to expand on this feature eventually giving users the power to make their own events.


We also have a mascot in the office, Filip’s dog Kiara. She’s a Siberian Husky and likes to keep an eye out for any intruders!


  • Charlie Brown

    Hey its csas50 here and DM me on twitter please

  • https://soundcloud.com/machette machette

    Glad i baked this project, can’t wait for an updated controller scheme

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  • Cascade crew

    Hey guys can you fix the controls sooner than later. the games almost unplayable when you hit space to load for a jump and the lag is 3 seconds or 1 second…or just jumps on the lip even if im still holding space. whats the deal?!

  • vikku54


  • Todd Fike

    Guys, FANTASTIC game. keep up the good work. Obviously the game has things that need to be worked on, and there are always gonna be the posters that just want to bring you down. There is always room to grow and change. Its great you have added people to the team, welcome guys! Please may i ask one thing though now, lol just to be one of those guys…. Please, please, please throw snowboards in soon. I can ski and have fun with the game but that shit just hurts my feelings that i can’t ride a board through to beautiful landscape and omg the parks. yes physics need a little touch up but its great so far, specially for only being 3 guys, i didn’t realize that, i usually wouldn’t post anything anywhere but may i say Bravo. Bravo. any hints of when ill finally be able to wet myself though? if its a money thing, ill pay monthly. Keep it up guys!

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  • True Gamer

    How about a free beta for everyone? It would help in development through discussions about it in the forum.

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  • carter

    is it for mac? please let me know, Ive watched some youtube videos on your guises game and it looks AMAZING and I am totaly willing to pay 15 dollars but I don’t want to download it on my mac and not have it work

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