Little late to post this on the SNOW website, but better late than never!

SNOW’s M3 update is now live! A detailed list of what’s contained in the update can be found here. And as usual, here’s the developer video:

  • august.mol

    when does it become free??

    • Tommy Nuvin

      next year after it’s been through beta

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    When the game is done it will be free.

  • ski boy

    when is it free!

    • Tommy Nuvin

      next year

  • MAC


  • bisson

    The rail on the game take me slower so i can’t take some rail. if you can change
    After that it’s really good game and i love the screamin cement. If you can also caring out a replay on the game to rewatch our tricks. thanks ( sorry if my english is not good)

  • Ven0m

    C’mon, guys! Give us snowboard! :)

    • Matt Penn

      Fuck Snowboard’s go play SSX kid.

      • Dion

        Fuck you Matt Penn

      • WOLF

        It actually DOES matter. It could determine whether 3,000 people buy the game or not. You also shouldn’t rant on other sports, especially ones that originated from the sport you prefer.

        • Stroopkoek

          I’d rather they implement ski’s (physics and all) properly and then focus on adding snowboards and perfecting that than just adding snowboards for the hell of it. Remember it’s not even alpha..

  • Sean

    Great work, I’m excited to see what the future has in store, loving the game so far!

  • deathlor12

    My character is all glitchy. His body is everywhere.

    • galaxylama99

      mine too
      i cant play the fucking game

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  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I think you guys should make an option to go without poles while skiing.

  • galaxylama99

    they add a spray of snow that comes up when you land a trick

  • Snowplayer

    I still have a problem with the random black screen

  • Bring It

    As soon as there are snowboards you get my money! :)

    • Ian Campbell

      Go play SSX

  • freestyler2605

    how do you do screamin semen grab?