So as some of you may have noticed, the next update “M4” has taken a bit longer than expected. The main reason behind this is that we originally planned M4 as the official Alpha release of the game. By Alpha, we mean that the game should have a first implementation of all core features. These are the following features we expect our Alpha build to contain:

  • Free Roam and Event gameplay
  • Accurate scoring for tricks
  • Near-final physics implementation
  • Near-final core gameplay (riding, in-air, grinding)
  • Sound
  • Music
  • Replay system
  • New areas of the mountain with “proper” art style
  • Free-to-Play backend



This list is what we have been working towards since launching on Early Access, and we’re unfortunately not quite there yet. Some features have taken longer than expected due to their complexity or us wanting to make sure they are future-proof and not implemented in a rush (and therefore requiring reworking in the future).



So we have decided to hold off any big content updates until after the summer. We want to spend this extra time making sure we’re happy with all the features and that the release feels more complete. We don’t have an exact date for the release, but we do know that we will be attending Gamescom in August and will want to show press the latest update there.

To provide you with a little more transparency, here’s a brief update on what we’re working on at this moment.



Filip has been working hard on getting physicalized skis implemented, which hasn’t been easy at all. While doing this he has also been overlooking, reworking and polishing the entire movement and grinding systems to make them more physically dynamic and overall much better than they were before.

Replay System
Marek has been working on a replay system for both internal use, but also for the end-user. For you, this will mean being able to rewind gameplay after crashing or after completing a line down the mountain or terrain park and watching a replay of it.

Marek has also been spending time implementing the sounds we have had recorded specifically for us. We have an working build internally and can already see the difference it makes to the experience.

Stjepan has been working hard for the last few months on the event backend for our designers. This will allow us to easily and efficiently create events all over the mountain. We also then have the ability to let users create their own events in the future.

Free-to-Play Backend
Andreas has begun connecting our item server to the Steam API. In the near future this will allow us to give each user a proper inventory and allow users to buy items from the store. You might even notice that SNOW now appears in your Steam Inventory – this is all part of Andreas’ work.



Art + Level Design

The art team (Jake, Markus and Lilja) have been hard at work building assets to fill up our new areas on Sialia. Meanwhile, Tobias (our Level Designer) has been planning the areas, making sure they are fun and unique. The 4 areas we are working on are:

Frozen River – this area features a long and winding frozen river with bridges, walking paths and camp sites

Rock Piles – this area contains lots of dangerous paths with many rock obstacles and cliffs for the player to navigate around

Lake Town – the Lake Town is a small village on the edge of a frozen lake

Quarry – it’s still early in development, but this area will contain lots of narrow rock passes winding down the mountainside

Lo2 Park – the Lo2 Park is being completely rebuilt. We’ve been working with a professional park designer to make sure it’s awesome



  • Nick

    Sounds awesome! I cannot wait to play it!

  • tim


  • noah

    Please fix multiplayer

  • Stroopkoek

    Incredible, take as much time as you need I’m looking forward to diving into all of this again!

  • Edward

    This is Incredible, don’t get me wrong, but will there be a feature to take off your skis, and walk around?

    • Mark Gatland

      I’d like this too, so that you can go back up the mountain and start skiing again (or even take a chairlift back up)

    • Yuuh’

      This would be great, but my first opinion was to have snowmobiles too. If you could hop on to climb the mountain with it, that would be certainly amazing.

  • Ian G


  • RXQZ


  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    This is going to be one of the best winter-themed games of all time.

  • Flo

    Soo sick! You’re doing a fantastic job, everything looks like it’s going to turn out really good…

  • |RaSTa*| KayJay

    so awesome! this will be the best free2play game ever!

  • Matt

    so no level editor, or snowboarding in alpha?

  • Guest

    Will there ever be a Snowboard or is this Skiing only?

  • Snower

    Yes they will add Snowboarding when Skiing is completely finished

  • Dim

    Chairlifts would be awesome! As well as if there were actually AI characters as the chairlift ticketmen or even other skiers/boarders going down the slopes, that would be the cherry on the cake! Keep up the good work.

  • Nicolas

    Such incredible work from such a small developer team… Keep it up! Btw will the urban/village environments feature spots (jibbing)?

  • Kyle

    Keep up the awesome work! We’re all pumped for an amazing game

  • Viizion

    Are you ever going to add snowboarding? BTW its amazing so far! but it would put it one step closer to the best one ever released on pc

  • Derpy McDerpington

    Snowboards please!

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  • sindre

    Please make a mac support wineskin wrapper or something i got new macbook pro a week ago