SNOW is a skiing and snowboarding game which looks to restart the winter sports genre. SNOW is being developed by a small indie group based out of Stockholm, Sweden. SNOW takes the player back to basics, refining scale, physics and controls to capture the majesty of the mountain. In a genre that has been dominated by unrealistic snowboarding titles with impossible aerial combinations and confined race-track slopes, SNOW will truly capture the unique feeling of riding through powder. SNOW is a game for skiers, by skiers.

Boasting several new and unique features, SNOW will set itself apart from its competition. Some of these features are:

Skiing and Snowboarding

SNOW will be the first major title to allow the player to both ski and snowboard without putting more focus on either sport.

Completely Open World

You are able to explore the rich environment any way you please. Mountains consist of dozens of different routes and discoverable items, encouraging the player to explore and define their own line.

Intuitive Controls

Using a completely new and improved control scheme that pays attention to the actual experience of skiing and snowboarding, SNOW enhances the link between player and character, creating a superior gaming experience.

Realistic 3D Visuals

Using acclaimed CryENGINE 3 game technology, SNOW delivers the most realistic visual experience of any winter sports game to date.


Completely physics-driven, SNOW takes a grounds-up approach to recreating the feeling of skiing and snowboarding.

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  1. Luc 03. Nov, 2011 at 23:03 #

    I was just complaining to my brother that there was no open world snowboarding game, and no games at all with skis. Now there’s both in one! AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Kevin 04. Nov, 2011 at 10:52 #

    Hello there!

    This looks like a very interesting idea, I have never personally been a big boarder (or skier), but my brother has so I have always had interest in the sport and therefore in games portraying it. I would love to help ya out with testing although I don’t have many suggestions to give concerning realism, I do like the extra fun stuff they usually pack into boarding games. If I could help out, give w/e feedback I may have that’d be awesome! I would love to be a part of what seems like something amazing!

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