While we continue to prepare for the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch (and subsequent PC update) that will include some new and very exciting content, we have also begun work on the next major Game Update, Version 0.9.0. Though this update is still a bit out, we wanted to share with you some of the features you can expect to see in it.

Level Editor

Ever since we mentioned it on our website, the Level Editor is probably one of the most demanded features from the community. Well the wait is over, Update 0.9.0 will include a first version of the Level Editor! Players will be able to unlock the feature and then purchase and place jumps, rails and other props however they wish and wherever they want on the mountain. A prop can only be placed in one position at a time, but it's really easy to change the position or remove the prop from the level.

Here's a quick preview of the Level Editor in action!


There are two new areas on Sialia that we have been working on over the summer. The first area is the Glacier, which sits to the North of Sialia, above Momentum Park and Lake Kiara. The Glacier is long and narrow with massive blocks of ice creating a winding route down the mountain. We think players will have plenty to explore between the caves, crevasses and some fun secrets!




The Industrial area is the second new area on Sialia, and is located below Whitehart Castle. The Industrial area features some slightly more urban elements, like stair sets, drops, and step-ups. Both of these areas will continue to be developed through community feedback, so we look forward to hearing what you think!



Snowboard Brands

We have signed deals with 8 new snowboard brand partners! While we want to wait for the actual launch of the update before revealing what brands we have partnered with, we can say now that there will be more than two dozen new items from some of the biggest snowboard brands around included in this update!

Replay Manager

Since we love all the amazing edits that the community creates using our Replay Manager we constantly try to improve it and add new features to enhance the quality of your edits. In 0.9.0 there will be 2 new features: Auto Focus and Camera Smoothing. The Auto Focus feature allows you to set a dynamic focus and have it shift based on what the camera is pointed at or have it always locked on the player. We have also improved the camera's movement and rotation with some camera smoothing, so your shots are even more graceful.

Check out a preview of the Auto Focus below!


Last but not least, we will increase the highest level to 70 in the 0.9.0 update. We know many of you rushed through all the levels to find out that 60 was the maximum level you could achieve. Well, now you can get back on the mountain and level up to 70! We have also gone over all the rewards and added a reward to every level!


We think 0.9.0 is going to be an incredible update and can't wait for you to get your hands on it soon. As usual, we will release this update on SNOW Preview before the official launch, so make sure to join our Discord channel find out when you can access the Preview!

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Andrew Marcus

Just please add deep powder snow to the landscape. That would make the game complete. People who ski and snowboard want to shred and spray light and dry powder snow in a video game. It's the biggest orgasm.

Nicholas Daigle

i know so many people that want this game but cant because they have a mac! make it available for mac!!!

    Devin Shillington

    get a real computer!

    Colin Pinegar

    I play on my mac! Boot Camp!

Sean Weber

A game created on the cry engine to run on a MAC? HAH....... HAHAHAHAHA

Joseph Parker

Is there a known release date for the 0.9.0 update?