Create incredible SNOW video edits with the Replay Manager

CitizN and Petty77 are two of the most creative players in the SNOW community and have already posted more than different 10 video edits of SNOW each! Their edits always show great camera work and editing skills and the quality level and creativity never fails to impress us. 

Both of them kindly agreed to create tutorials and share their techniques for using the in-game Replay Manager to create impressive shots and sequences. Watch their videos to discover all the secrets behind the use of the Free Cam or Depth Of Field and learn every trick and tip to master the Replay Manager to create shots like professionals film makers. 

CitizN's video tutorial focused on using the SNOW Replay Manager with a gamepad. Watch his video tutorial to learn more about the Replay Manager functionality.

Petty77, however, shows how he creates replay sequences with a keyboard. Check out his video to understand everything about great ski edits using a keyboard.

Many thanks to Petty and CitizN for taking the time to create these tutorials and sharing their knowledge about the Replay Manager tool. 

We hope that they will come in handy and that we’ll see even more incredible SNOW edits in the future!

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