SNOW Store update - Color Variations, Bundles, And More

The latest Game Update (0.6.1) included a few new features and improvements to the overall SNOW store functionality. This blog post will outline these new features in case you missed them.

Color Variations

Character Items now have color variations! Certain items are now available in different colors, based on what is available in real life. This greatly improves and expands the customization options available and adds a lot of new colors to the palette.

SNOW Store - Color VariationsWhile you're browsing items in the SNOW store, keep an eye on the item Info Panel to see if there are alternative color variations available (shown as little colored squares). Each square shows a different color variation and what the two primary colors are for that particular variation. Once the item is selected and previewed on the character, you can use the Left and Right Triggers to browse through the different variations.

SNOW Store - Item LegendThe info panel also shows information like Item Rarity (more on that later), Brand and which season the item comes from. As time goes on, we will remove old items from this store and sell them as Bundles instead.


The second big addition to the SNOW Store are Bundles. Bundles offer a way to buy several items at once, for a lower price. This could mean either an entire outfit of clothing and equipment based around a particular theme, or a pack of similar items from a brand or season.

SNOW Store - Bundle Overview

We started of by creating four unique bundles: two outfits inspired by park and urban styles and two based around big mountain powder skiing. You can view these items by navigating to the Store > Bundles menu. Each Bundle will be displayed on your character and you can even view the contents of the Bundle to see what it contains in case you might already own one of the items.

SNOW Store - Bundle 2 SNOW Store - Bundle

Bundles are the perfect way to get access to some awesome clothing and equipment without having to pay the full price. Bundles are also time limited, and will be replaced by new Bundles on a regular basis, so don’t miss out!

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