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Earlier this year we partnered with Crytek to release SNOW as a 1.0 on Steam. Getting out of Early Access was a milestone for the game and also gave us the chance to revisit how the game is sold, giving players a chance to unlock all content with a single...

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SNOW Game Update 1.0.3

New update hitting the slopes right now! This update contains two features and several gameplay and UI fixes that occurred in the previous version of SNOW & SNOW Ultimate Edition (SUE). Find the details below: Features Selected music albums are now stored when ending the game and will also be...

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SNOW Game Update 1.0.2

It’s time for another update! This time, we have three new features and a couple of hot fixes for issues that occurred in the previous version of SNOW & SNOW Ultimate Edition (SUE). Get the low-down: Crashes Changing your gear frequently while playing multiplayer won’t cause the client to crash...

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SNOW Game Update 1.0.1

With our latest update, we bring you some hot fixes for issues that occurred in the launch version of SNOW & SNOW Ultimate Edition (SUE). Here’s what has been fixed across the board: Crashes Entering the same ski lift on X Games Aspen 2018 for the 2nd time doesn’t cause...

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SNOW 1.0 Out Now

Those of you who have been following SNOW's journey are well aware of the challenges we faced as a small indie team attempting to build something huge: an open world, free-to-play, physics driven "simulation" of skiing and snowboarding. We made a huge amount of progress towards that goal, achieving some...

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SNOW Game Update 1.0.0

SNOW 1.0.0 is finally here! Here's what you can expect to find in it: New Features Collectables - 82 new collectables spread between all mountains Sightseeing - 51 vistas to unlock in total Upgraded to the latest CRYENGINE version 5.5.2 - Performance improvements Multiplayer is back – running on Poppermost’s...

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Winter Isn't Over Yet

2018 was a hard year for SNOW and Poppermost, so we're starting this year differently. We can't announce anything yet, but we hope to have some exciting news in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned!

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A Well Needed Update

You are probably reading this blog post hoping for news of new features, fixes and content updates to SNOW -  unfortunately, that’s not what this particular post is about. As you may have noticed, we have been relatively quiet over the last 6 months - no blog posts, updates, and...

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Game Update 0.10.0

Game Update 0.10.0 released on December 21st 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4. Content Added DC JibCity event to Whiteridge Added new clothing and equipment from Vans, Dakine, Yes, 686, and Bonfire Added new clothing and equipment from Lo2 & Poppermost Overall improvements to Sialia Overall improvements to Tyro Valley...

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SNOW M10 (Game Update 0.10.0) is live, and just in time for the winter holidays! We have worked day and night since the beginning of November to get this update out in time for the holidays, and bring some great new features to the world of SNOW. Most importantly, we have...

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