Multiplayer Servers

Earlier this year we partnered with Crytek to release SNOW as a 1.0 on Steam. Getting out of Early Access was a milestone for the game and also gave us the chance to revisit how the game is sold, giving players a chance to unlock all content with a single...

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SNOW 1.0 Out Now

Those of you who have been following SNOW's journey are well aware of the challenges we faced as a small indie team attempting to build something huge: an open world, free-to-play, physics driven "simulation" of skiing and snowboarding. We made a huge amount of progress towards that goal, achieving some...

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Winter Isn't Over Yet

2018 was a hard year for SNOW and Poppermost, so we're starting this year differently. We can't announce anything yet, but we hope to have some exciting news in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned!

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Welcome to Whiteridge

As the title says, welcome to Whiteridge! We've been working on Whiteridge in different states for several years now, and are excited to finally release it to the public. Before I go into detail about the level, please keep in mind that due to issues related to the PS4 version...

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My Line 3 Winners

For the third My Line video contest, we challenged players to show us their best lines through the Hidden Park on Sialia. While the park only has 3 segments, each stage has plenty of options for creative riding. So without further ado, here are our winners...   3rd Place Congratulations...

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My Line 3: The Hidden Park

The My Line contest for June will take place at the Hidden Park, which can be found on the boarder between the West and North Face of Sialia. We want to see your best line(s) through the Hidden Park. Since the park is quite short, we are going to allow...

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My Line 2 Winners

Another month, another handful of amazing edits submitted for the second My Line contest! This month we asked the community to submit their best lines through Northpaw Glacier, a huge mountain area full of ice, caves and massive gaps. With nearly two dozen submissions, the judges had their hand's full rating...

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My Line 2 - Northpaw Glacier

Here we go again! It's now time for the second My Line video contest. This month the contest will be taking place on Northpaw Glacier in Sialia. The contest will be similar to last month, but with a few improvements based on feedback from the community. First, we will now...

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My Line 1 Winner

We asked the community to show us their best line through the Infinity Park Half Pipe. Nearly 30 submissions later, the community has voted - here are the winning lines from the first My Line video contest! 3rd Place Realpbc wins 2,000 in-game Credits and a SNOW t-shirt for a uniquely equestrian...

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'My Line' Video Contest

Today we are launching a totally new video contest series called My Line. In this contest series we will be focusing on your skills as a rider, rather than your ability to edit. In My Line we want to see you ride a particular course / area in a single take...

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