In this post we want to tell you about a feature that we have been discussing internally: the Exploration Backpacks.

Exploration Backpacks will be scattered randomly around the mountain and will contain valuable and rare items that can be used to customize your character. Backpacks can either contain specific cool items, or might contain in-game currency that can be used for purchases in the store. The contents of the backpacks will help you to further customize your characters, a concept we will discuss in a later post.

As we see it, when you start a new gameplay session, a random amount of backpacks will be spawned around the mountain in random locations. It is then up to you then to go and find them, or at least keep an eye out while you are riding around. Some items contained in these Backpacks will be really rare, so players who find them should feel lucky!

Markus, Poppermost's artist, has given us a first-look at one of the Backpacks. Check out the image below, head over to the forum, and tell us what you think!

Incase you missed the Facebook Post and Tweet, we have registered a #SNOW channel @gamesurge. Come hang out with us and get some special content before everyone else!

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I haven't seen your guys' game in a while. It's looking great. Congrats on that :)

I fancy myself something of a game designer, so I want to ask you guys about these backpacks. I'm not totally sure but I assume the point of them is to provide a reward for exploration of the mountain? If it's to incentivize exploring, I think a better reward for the player would just be an awesome vista or other scene. Running around looking for backpacks I think would draw us out of the gameworld and overall be less enjoyable. I mean, do you want us thinking about finding new clothes while we are snowboarding? Is that what should motivate us? I mean, why do we like exploring in the first place? We like to find cool new places. We don't expect to find swag out on the mountain. A giant tree that has fallen over, a cliff, a huge rock that they can jump on top of for a sweet view. Maybe a cave? Personally I would much rather find stuff like that. It would make me really feel like I'm up there snowboarding. Not a backpack with some clothes for my character.

What do you guys think? I know collectibles and stuff like that are all the rage. And I know some people will always clamor for those collectibles. But finding a collectible is this tiny tinge of pleasure that you are not gonna remember a few years down the line. Discovering an awesome vista and looking out over the mountain, and knowing it was your own curiosity that brought you there IS a feeling and a moment you will forever associate with the game, and give you something to gush about to your friends.