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Here are the second half of the topics that the community posted a few weeks ago. As I've mentioned before, we love hearing your thoughts about everything and anything we talk about so head over to our forum and let us know what you think!

Movement Controls
As I mentioned previously, you will have the ability to control your direction and speed, something that hasn't really been done before in a game like this. In addition to movement controls, you will also have dedicated inputs to perform tricks. We are still refining how we will handle performing tricks, so I can't go into too much detail. Our inspiration has come from games like SKATE and 1080° Snowboarding. We love how SKATE requires the player to input a movement that is analogous to the real-life trick with the Right Analogue stick. In 1080° we love how harder tricks require more practice to input. These both mimic reality and reward more dedicated players who take the time to practice.

Mountain Design
In last week's post, I wrote a bit about how we are working to create a realistic environment. Here I will outline how the mountain is actually designed. While we're not ready to show you the mountain yet, I can tell you that it's huge! From the summit, you have nearly half a dozen choices as to where you drop-in and then from there, you have endless lines to choose from to get to the bottom. When designing the mountain, we break it up into three areas: high, medium and low. The high areas are steep and filled with rocks and cliffs. The medium areas will be slightly flatter and be filled with rocks, snow dunes, cliffs, unique structures and the beginning of the forest. Finally, the low area is where you will find the forest. It will contain fallen trees, trails, houses and many other unique assets to ride around or trick off of. We want to offer players a massive environment that is not constantly repetitive but instead contains unique areas, each with their own personality. The mountain will have both off-piste areas as well as a large piste that includes ski lifts and a snow park.

Mac Support
Unfortunately, this is out of our hands. As we are working with CryENGINE 3, we have no control over compatibility with other platforms.

Release Date
I am completely aware that we originally announced a release date for the end of 2011 and that we have blown past the date considerably. This was never our intention, but is due to technical issues that were out of our hands. I won't go into too much detail here as I've written about our issues several times now. For the time being, we will not be talking about a release date for SNOW. We are working hard and will be keeping you up to date with our progress via social media, so please be patient and stay connected so that you can continue to have an influence over what SNOW becomes.

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Nice guys! I like that you keep us up to date, it really shortens the waiting.


After seeing Skate and 1080 snowboarding (my two favorite extreme sports games ever) listed, I instantly became stoked for this. Wondering why I haven't heard of this sooner, and really hope this turns out to be something great. I have faith in you guys ;D