Happy New Year!

We have been seeing some AMAZING gameplay edits being created by the community. Users have been making cinematic movies, but also really great gameplay clips in the park and powder showing off some serious skills.

So, to make it easy to view all of these clips, we've created this blog.

This blog will contain all submitted edits and can be filtered by video tags (cinematic, park, powder etc...) so you can find the exact type of video you want to watch. In the future we'd love to have an upvote/downvote system as well to allow the audience to show which videos they like the most.

If you'd like to submit your own edit, you can do so here.

Keep up the amazing work!

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aidan specker

Are they going to make it work on macs


    The developers have no control of whether or not this game comes out for Macs due to the fact that the Frostbite Engine doesn't support Macs. It's kind of a bummer, but the engine is out of their control.


      It runs on Cryengine, not Frostbite.


How do we set session markers or respawn points????


    You can't at the moment.


    now you can by pressing T


Am I the only one the game doesn't work anymore on steam?


    How so? If it is that you are getting a black screen at launch follow these steps to get rid of the bug.

    1. Go to your SNOW directory.
    2. Open system.cfg with notepad.
    3. Go to the bottom line, and add this "g_forceprofilereset=1" (without the "")
    4. Save file.
    5. Open SNOW.
    6. Close SNOW.
    7. Go back to system.cfg and open it.
    8. Remove line.
    9. Save.
    10. Enjoy SNOW.


      I tried everything you said, but I still get the black screen. The game used to be working fine, but since one month I can't get it to work.


        fullscreen = 0 try that. But they need to fix the black screen crash when u have full screen eneabled.


when can i get snow as a download on my computer?


    you can download it on STEAM

Jan Wendt

So are you guys going to make this work on mac?




how do you respawn to
your marker

    Nick Lyons

    hold T

Nick Lyons

how to get rid of session markers if you accidently place them :D?

Marcos Fakhoury

I just downloaded the game after seeing some gameplay, It seems like an amazing game! However, i dont know if its supposed to be like in-game night but everything is dark when i go in game. I can see lights of buildings and shadows of arches but everything else is dark. Any help

    Ahmed Salam

    Guys rly i came here with the same problem.. i cant see at night..else everyone are playing good..

Faris Martinez

hello i just got the game but i can't open the game it don't run on steam. how can i fix this?

Stefanie Laguipo

why i cant make video