Here's a gameplay demo and interview from our trip to Gamescom last week. Enjoy!

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Nice! Im really looking forward for this!
I hope we will be able to get our hands on this sometime in november/december when the snow actually comes hehe..
Keep it up!


please don't let it end in a same way Shaun White snowboarding was brought to it's life and death... I see 150m long airs, landing from 20 meters without any bending in knees, I hope it's just a matter of this being in development stage still. Would be great to see SNOW being the most realistic ski game ever as the engine used got loads of potential! not hating, loving every post here, I just hope this will be as close to reality as possible and landing big airs would require some skill gained by progressing through the career not by pushing one button

Max Kenrattana