SNOW's Jon Olsson Invitational

That's right, the famous JOI Big Air event is now an official level in SNOW!

Check it out!

SNOW official_JOI_1 SNOW official_JOI_2 SNOW official_JOI_3 SNOW official_JOI_4

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Jay van Cleef

awwww yehh. what has happened more in this update, apart from the new map? cause stuff seems different 😮

    David Dowie

    pre spinning is messed


      Is it just me or does the pre spinning slow you down allot? I lose all my speed if I pre spin right before the jump.


I still can't get enough speed to jump as high as I should. 80 km/h in real is good, but in the game my skier can't jump over the flat area.


Fellas, pl_skidragcoefficient=0.5 usually does the trick.


yeah i cant get enough speed for this and pre spinning doesn't work anymore...


The pre-spinning doesn't seem to work here!


i cant get the speed to the jump and the kick is glitching