We asked the community to show us their best line through the Infinity Park Half Pipe. Nearly 30 submissions later, the community has voted - here are the winning lines from the first My Line video contest!

3rd Place

Realpbc wins 2,000 in-game Credits and a SNOW t-shirt for a uniquely equestrian pipe run.

2nd Place

Pontus Olsson wins 3,000 in-game Credits and a SNOW t-shirt for his 5 super smooth half pipe hits on snowboard.

1st Place

Congratulations to A-Dog for winning the first My Line video contest. A-Dog received 59 votes and had over 500 views! For the win, A-Dog will receive 5,000 in-game Credits and a SNOW t-shirt as a reward.

In addition to these winners, everyone that submitted an entry (along with their Steam / PSN ID) will receive an in-game SNOW T-Shirt!

Next month's My Line contest will be launched on Friday April 21st. We have learned a lot about what people want from the contest, and how the voting should work, and we'll make sure to improve the contest for the next time. Thank you for all of your feedback and ideas!

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