Our goal with SNOW has always been to create a world that looks and feels real. In addition to the authentic environments and realistic gameplay that we have achieved so far, we also want to create several brands that act like brands do in the real world by hosting events, sponsoring athletes, and create sought-after clothing and equipment.


Today we are announcing our first brand: Lo2 (pronounced "lotto"). Lotto, for those not familiar with the word, is usually associated with the lottery and luck. We put a spin on it and came up with Lo2. So far we have created a handful of items, so we felt it was about time to show them off. Here is what we have created so far...


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Tag Harris

You should have 4frnt sponser this game so you can put some switchblades in the game


I heard their women brand is called Lo2us and has cool floral patterns 😉


you should just put real brands in the game


Trololol. 'Lo2' has been around for ages in the gaming community.