It took a bit longer than expected, but the M2 update is now live on Steam.

The details of the update can be found here.

And here's the developer video showing off some new features!


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Elias Vernersson

This is starting to get real awsome! Amazing work guys!


No real gamepad support yet ?

Greg Humiston

Pleaseeeee add snowboard support soon

Matt Shumate

downloading the alpha now, looks dope guys!

Dom Rusk

The animation when the skier lands is kinda weak, the rest of it looks so good I'd just love to see a bit more of an impact in the legs and body to make it look realistic

Björniboy Pilot

hy, the game is cool, but it were cooler if you make an update, that you can do snowboard, an 1. person cam and a tool that the game has a better fps on low pc´s.


    You can have 1 person cam. f1 in game i think. Its much different cameras too. I agree with the snowboard though :)

      Tommy Nuvin

      They said that adding the snowboarding a long term project which can take up to 4 months from release, and it's best they focus on making the game more stable via updates first.


should my game be updating automatically?

Evan Peterson

please make this a xbox and ps3 series and have controls like skate and be able to hike up the mountain with your gear and could cause avalanches but not like repeated ones could you possibly put like a couple medium size cities in the game to? That would be great. And yes could you pleassse put snowboarding in soon. Thank you for time.

Mike Symons

Will there ever be micro transactions in the game and if so, how will they be purchased and what will they be for?