Earlier this year we partnered with Crytek to release SNOW as a 1.0 on Steam. Getting out of Early Access was a milestone for the game and also gave us the chance to revisit how the game is sold, giving players a chance to unlock all content with a single purchase through the Ultimate Edition.

With 1.0 we were also able to bring back multiplayer, which we see as an important pillar of the game. Unfortunately, between the poor performance of the servers, and the overall cost to keep them running (compared to the revenue from the game) we are no longer able to keep the multiplayer servers alive. Therefore, starting Friday May 24th, we will shut down the multiplayer servers.

Providing dedicated multiplayer servers is challenging for a small game for many reasons, but we are glad we tried. Unfortunately, under the circumstances we cannot provide the experience we wanted you to have, so we had to make this tough decision. We are still looking into alternatives for potentially transferring multiplayer to a different server structure that will be more powerful and more cost-effective, but can’t give an estimate yet of if or when that might happen.

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