0.7.0 has arrived, and along with it, the Open Beta of SNOW!

The team at Poppermost has been working non-stop since the 0.6.3 update before the holidays to cram as much extra features, details and polish into this release to make sure our Open Beta release is our best update so far. Thank you for all of your support so far and into the Open Beta - we've come a long way since launching on Early Access in 2013 and we know it's all thanks to you!

In addition to the full change list, here are some highlights as to what's new in 0.7.0:


We have used feedback from the Closed Beta to improve the required XP to reach each level. Out of the 60 total levels there are currently 20 rewards (Credits or Drop Points) but we're planning to add a few more exclusive rewards during the Open Beta period.

Store Update

Next time that you enter the store you will have the opportunity to buy roughly 200 new items from the 15/16 Season. All the new items will be tagged with a "New" icon, so that they're easy to find. We have also removed around 150 items that either haven't sold much or haven't sold at all. We don't want to overwhelm shoppers with too many items, so if we've removed an item you wanted - sorry! The good news is that we've also reduced the price of the most expensive jackets, pants and skis by 20% so that they are more affordable than before. Finally, you will find 3 new bundles in the bundle store, including our favorite Dazzle outfit.

Infinity Park Events

A series of Premium Events have arrived at Infinity Park! Head to the Event store and purchase access to the Infinity Park Slopestyle, Big Air, Half Pipe and Rail Jam events and win the full Infinity Park set.

Replay Manager UI

The Replay Manager UI (for Rewind Mode and Replay Mode) has been redesigned to easier to use and include a timeline so you know your current position in the entire replay.

Multiplayer Improvements

In addition to overall improvements and bug fixes, we now have scaling servers in 4 different regions (US-West, US-East, Europe and Oceania). This means that your multiplayer sessions should be more stable and responsive and there should be more available servers for you to join. We will continue making improvements to multiplayer over the course of the Open Beta, so we appreciate your patience while we fix new issues.

For a full list of what's new, check out the change log. Otherwise, see you on the mountain!

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Arnaud Soltermann

Not steam Updated, plz 😀 i just want to rush this awesome game ! gonna spend all my money in it 😀

Dominik Mikołajczyk

It's almost 28 Jan. 11:35 p.m. and the game is still not downloadable from Steam... Can't wait! .... Well, I guess I'll just buy it 1 minute before F2P XD

Oscar Warmark

how do you take down the hud when you rewind ???

David Haidenhofer

Ps4 Edition ??

Johnny Rees

What about ps4

Seth Henson

Please get this on ps4 asap!!

Filip Brink

will i keep the game progres after he beta is over?

Tom Shale

when is this coming to os x?

    Noah Dawson

    Not for a long time, the game is in cryengine which for one, if it could run on a Mac product, would be incredibly bad. I would expect to see support for OS X maybe within the next two years. They won't add support until the game is fully competed and out (not in the beta stage) hope this helped!

Tyler Bertapelle

When is snowboarding going to come out?

Manish Batra

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