Unfortunately due to some last minute issues, we have been forced to delay the launch of SNOW on PlayStation 4 by one week.

Though we hate to do this, and know how frustrating it is to hear that a game you're excited to play has been delayed, we hope you can continue being patient for one more week. We promise it will be worth it :)

The new launch for SNOW on PlayStation 4 will be on October 25th.


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Steve Messina

bro!!!! on halloween!!! noooo!!! why thats the day i go places.... why!!!!

Joshua MacAdam

Not even going to bother looking on the 25th this game has been delayed for more than 2 years now.

Dakota Morton

This is so lame for a couple reasons.

    Dakota Morton

    one being, Infinite Air Just so happens to come out on the 25th. Really guys? You're trying to compete with your little beta?

Mathis Hauteville

How i can buy The bêta?

Kenny Budd

you guys are scam artists. delay the game over and over. say it will be 20.00 for the beta. .

Kenny Budd

then charge 25.99 for the beta last minute.. was really excited for this game for 2 years. now I refuse to play it.

Antonin Moret

Snow is a Free To Play ?