As you hopefully know by now, SNOW will enter Closed Beta in less than two weeks. This means that we are beginning to prepare for the biggest release in SNOW's history. Before the big update we are going to update what is available on Steam.

On Monday, March 1 we will remove the current versions of the game and replace them with one single application: SNOW Closed Beta. This option will cost $9.99 and serve as a way for people to get access to the game and Closed Beta immediately in case they don't want to sign up and wait for an invitation. This version will also include an additional copy of the game that you can gift to a friend.

This change will mean that all the special perks that came along with the 3 tiers (Starter, Tester and Founder) we launched in Early Access will no longer be available. We feel that these perks (especially the Founder's set) should no longer be available to new users as they represent the support and trust that you, our most dedicated supporters, gave us during the early days of SNOW's development.

If you don't have SNOW but want to get these exclusive perks, this is your very last chance! These items are only available for the next 72 hours and will not be featured in the Closed Beta store. If you only purchased the Starter Pack but want the full set, make sure to upgrade to the Tester or Founder’s Tier to collect all the exclusive items.

Next week we’ll share more details about the Closed Beta launch, so stay tuned!


Here's a reminder of what's included as Early Access perks:



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