That's right! SNOW is now live on PlayStation 4 and features the Winter X Games Aspen level, events and reward. Get SNOW on your PS4 right now, right here!

The X Games level is also live on PC in an update we released earlier. The level costs 399c and includes all 3 events and a reward for achieving the Gold Medal in each event. The PC update also includes a few fixes and improvements to the game, but most significant changes were saved for 0.9.0 coming this winter.

Here is the launch trailer.

And here is the X Games launch trailer, kindly edited by our SNOW Rider Citizn.

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Oli Timm

Just bought the SNOW Beta, pretty nice game. There are some bugs, but it's okay it's just the beta version. When will the full version be available?

Much Ski

If I bought early access to the PC version is there a code to try the PS4 Beta as well?

Harry Sparkes

I also have bought the beta version when will the game receive updates and again eh n is full version available thanks in advance

Chuck Spidell

I previously purchased for my PC and it got pretty old having to hook up my laptop to our TV. Now at the version for PS4 is out, I can rock that shit on the big screen. Love the game and supporting indie gamers. Thx!