Today we're launching a new area of our website that is simply called SHARE. This is a specially developed area for our community to share their videos and screenshots with the world.

Immediately after launching SNOW on Steam Early Access, we started seeing hundreds of videos and screenshots being created by our community. Videos ranged from Let's Plays to raw gameplay footage to fully edited cinematic clips, from your first SNOW experience to your most explosive trick. Screenshots displayed the beauty of the mountain and highlighted the details of the characters we've created. Needless to say, we were incredibly impressed and wanted to support this as much as possible. So, we've created the SHARE page for users to share their screenshots and videos with the community, and rate other users' content. In the future we will also run competitions through this page where we'll work with brands to offer awesome prizes for the best screenshots and videos made for a particular theme.

In order to create even better videos and screenshots, many of you have asked us for a guide with some tips and tricks for controlling the in-game camera and any additional features that are accessible through the console. We wanted to provide that for you, but decided to go one step further and have linked some of the camera's controls to the keyboard. This will give you more options for different types of shots and make filming cinematic videos and making breathtaking screenshots easier.

Here are the controls:

Universal Controls

V - Freeze gameplay

NumPlus - Move Time of Day Forward

NumMinus - Move Time of Day Backward

NumPad 0 - Slow motion mode (toggle)

Default Cam Controls

Mouse - Orbit character

Mouse Wheel - Zoom in / out

Detached Cam Controls

G - Detach camera from character

NumPad 1 - Decrease camera movement speed

NumPad 2 - Lock camera movement (toggle)

NumPad 3 - Increase camera movement speed

NumPad 4 - Decrease camera look speed

NumPad 6 - Increase camera look speed

NumPad 7 - Decrease camera Field of View

NumPad 9 - Increase camera Field of View

Finally, we have also updated the game with fixes for all grindable objects in Sialia and fixed the Fochi level as well (as well as a few other tweaks and fixes listed here). We hope this encourages you to make even more amazing videos and screenshots and share them through our new platform. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

If you've already made an amazing video or taken an incredible screenshot, please feel free to upload it right away.

Head over to the SHARE page now!

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