Sialia is going to be even more beautiful as we update the mountain with a handful of new areas and dozens more tweaks and details. As always, each area will have a unique visual theme and varying gameplay that offers a different riding experience every time.

Here’s a preview of three of the new areas:

Bluebird Resorts is a modern, luxury mountain resort set in the heart of the mountain. The grounds in between the three massive buildings offer many gaps, transfers and stair sets to get creative with. Skilled riders will also be able to jump up onto the roofs of the hotel buildings and jib off small piles of snow and ventilation units.


The second new area is definitely not for beginners! The Observatory is located near the summit of Sialia and offers lots of rails and stair sets to slide down. Be careful though, many rails sit above massive drops so make sure you don't fall off!


The third area that we are previewing is called Plane Crash and as the name describes, contains a crashed cargo plane. The shattered remains of the plane can be used to your advantage to perform unique tricks. There's a lot of rock and debris in the are, so be careful when riding through it too fast!


There are a few more areas we still haven't shown yet but we'll let you discover them once the Closed Beta is live in just a few days!

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Lucas Shakesby

This is rly nice, i got the game for over a year ago and have played it so much. Thank u for making the best game evr...

Marco Forrer

Steam says, I got 135 hours now 😀

Leo Hurni

hope its

    Leo Hurni

    coming soon for mac!

      Jack Price

      yeah i know i want it on mac too because it looks so fun!!!

Kristoffer Sjøvoll

is the sound system ready? so we can turn down the volume?

Parker Milbrath

So stocked

Martin Haslinger

I was playing this awesome Game since the early release and i can say only one thing about it. The best i´ve ever played!!! Keep on doing what you do "SNOW Guys" :)

    Benjamin Reding

    EXACTLY!!! It has gotten soo much better since the very first time it was released for early access!

Lucas Shakesby

add me on steam and we can play snow online : mipppao01

Thomas Pelletier

i got the game but it´s the night and i didn't see anything

Jack Price

i was wondering if the game is going to be released any time soon because i have mac so i can't play it until it is on ps4

Lucas Santos

I've visited the plane crash area when there was nothing, now I'm excited to see what's there!