While we prepare out next big blog post, I figured now was a great time to enlist some help in designing Sialia's logo. This logo will be used all around the mountain - on flags, lifts and sign-posts - so we need to make sure it's clear, memorable, and amazing!

As some of you may have been clever enough to figure out, Sialia is the scientific term for a Bluebird. And since we control the weather in SNOW, we're making sure that Sialia has a bluebird day, every day!  That's why we've got that bird silhouette on our logo.

So, what can you do to help?  We have created a basic template for what we might want our logo to look like. But before we make any final decisions, we want your design skills and input on anything and everything. We want to see what you can come up with!  To make your voice heard, download the logo and work your magic - do what you want with it!

Once you have something you like, share it with us! You can tweet your ideas to us, post it on our forum or email us directly.  We'll select our favourites and then put it up for a vote on Facebook for the final decision. Whoever makes the winning idea will get their name somewhere on the mountain, just like last year with Chad's Gap.

PS: If you would like the logo in a different format than we have provided, let us know and we'll try help you out!

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Is Font copyright an issue?


    we use all open-source fonts


Also, where in the world is Sialia supposed to be? The aestetic of american and austrian Ski resorts for example differs a bit.


    We are currently looking at the Alps as reference as we are most familiar with that range


I got a logo idea, I just need to draw it in my sketchbook and then take a photo, because I'm no pc graphic artist..


cont download the bird silhouette :/