The Last SNOW Update of 2015

The 0.6.3 update is now live with a bunch of new features, improvements and fixes (full list here). We are now just a step away from the next milestone, which will be our Open Beta release.


Premium Events

We continue to add more content to SNOW to reflect our initial vision of the game: the ultimate sandbox experience with à la carte components.


We have divided events into two categories, Free and Premium.

Free events are part of your default inventory. You can access them at any time and you can compete for a top spot on the leaderboards. Getting a gold medal in the event unlocks a reward, which can be another similar event or an item.

Please note: We had to reset all score and medals to allow you to get the new rewards. We understand that this is not the most friendly solution but it comes with a great upside: you can now unlock new items if you complete some of the free events!

Premium events are now purchasable though the in-game store. By purchasing them, you get access to the leaderboard and you'll receive an exclusive item if you get a gold medal. This item is not available in the store for purchase, so the only way to get it is by getting the gold medal in the event! But rest assured, if you don't buy the event, you will still be able to play the level for free.

Here are the first premium events:

bande_invitational_poster 9knights_event_poster joi_bigair_poster

Basic Riding Tutorial

New players will now be greeted with a tutorial. We feel that new players have a lot to learn when they start the game so we now offer more guidance and take the opportunity to explain some features more clearly. The tutorial covers the basics of riding and some more advanced controls like tricks and grinding. We'll iterate on the tutorial in the coming months and extend this to other areas of the game.

If you want to play through the tutorial again, you can reset it though the Settings menu!

2New Heli Drop

We've added a new area to Sialia, called Sunken Town. It's a smaller area located in the middle of Lake Kiara. This ancient town was flooded when the Dam was built and all that remains are some rooftops sticking out of the ice. The area has a few different lines with some jumps and rails hidden in the rubble.

3Santa Bundle

Christmas is nearly upon us so we've added a new Santa Claus-inspired bundle to the existing list of bundles. The Santa Claus bundle is only available during the holiday period and we are offering it for 990 credits. That's more than 40% off the regular price of the individual items.


Finally, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the entire SNOW team at Poppermost!

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PS4 release date?

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Macintosh release date???

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We want snowboardddd!!

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yes , yes... cool.. but I lost all my money when I buy you games

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You have a heck of a good game here - good luck to you