That's right, another Steam Sale is upon us! Just in time for last night's Multiplayer patch!

So, if are still uncertain about buying SNOW, now is your chance to get it for you and a friend!

Get it here!

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When will snow become free 2 play?


    In about a year or 2.


    Buy it and support the devs like us :)

Alexander Reese Terrel

When are you guys adding snowboards?! :O ive been dying to use them since the release of this on steam :p no rush however. Add all the good stuff, then work on boards


    Check the cvar overview that was mentioned in the last blog post. There was one to change the behavior to snowboard.

Oddo Bird

When or will the game be for mac


    The developers have no control of when the game will come out for Macs, that's a decision made by the engine, and the Frostbite Engine doesn't support Macs.


      it´s Cryengine, not Frostbite

Santi De Miguel

I want to buy that, but my Nvidia GeForce 635m maybe cant run the game

Alexander Reese Terrel

Not sure if you guys know but: A new version of Sdk came out


    They are using a properly licensed version of cryengine 😉


I noticed VR Support is listed as a feature on the Steam page. Is this currently implemented?


will it ever be free?


    it will be free in late 2014

      Skier boy

      they said it would be free in early 2014!


Please make a version for MAC. Please! A lot of skiers use Mac and would greatly appreciate it.


    The SNOW crew cant change what OS the game works on, the engine only currently supports PCs. If you want this changed go beg to the Frostbite Engine devs, they make this decision.


i have a Toshiba satellite l455-s5975. running windows 7. I already bought the game but cannot play it. any suggestions? also have a dell PC but cant play on there either. just keeps freezing.

Skier boy

When in 2014 will the game be free? It says in January and it's January 31. Say what date it will be.

When will snowboards be added or even come in the game? What brand of snowboards?

More clothes?!?!
I think you guys should add clothes from saga, burton, and more!


Will Tufnell

I heard somewhere that they are going to release it officially (free) after the Sochi Winter Olympics