Throughout the development of SNOW we have implemented exposed variables as a way to allow the entire team to test different values for the core mechanics (riding, turning, jumping etc) locally instead of having to test them on our programmer's PC before they are hard-coded.

When we released SNOW on Steam Early Access, we decided to keep these variables exposed so that our users may access them and see how the various systems in the game work behind the scenes. This also means that users can tweak the values and potentially improve some of these mechanics.

We know many of you are excited by the opportunity to help us improve the game, so we have put together an online document that outlines all the variables that we have created and exposed. We have also created an online form that you can use to submit new values you think feel better than what is currently available in-game. This allows us to test your values and, if we think they are indeed better, implement them in new builds to get feedback from the rest of the community.

So, in summary:

  1. Go here to view all of the variables in-game
  2. Follow the instructions at the top of the page and start playing around with the values in-game
  3. Submit your new values here


That's it!

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Hi! Great that we players get to change things and be a part ot the envolving of the game! On question I wish to get an answer of: May you put up a list of console commans? Like per example make everyone able to do things like removing all hud? I assume you will have a settings menu when full release comes (When will that be?) but this is a question for everyone that is not bothered looking trough the console to find the different commands..
Again, great game!


    sys_flash 0 (turns off hud, and 1 turns it back on)


      I know:) But I mean they should maybe put diffrent commands that people want in the control guide or smilar. I have been looking in the console to find the commands I need, but I know many people that dont bother (or is not capable to do so). The full game will probably be released soon so it may not matter that much, but was just a thought:)


Hello, i would like to have a carve button , something like z and c for carving nice corners on big slopes/pistes


    Not a bad idea for buttons.


When everything is released just make it available for mac use so we don't have to download other things to run it please!


When will it be free to play? Really excited but can't buy it


is it possible to chance your settings? my game lags slightly but it hard to controle my guys with that lag. or is there like a code for cmd to put graphics to like medium or low?


I bought the game an it gets stuck on the blue loading screen, left it for 2 hours and it did nothing. spent 15$ and cant even play..

Sir Doge (steam name)

Just sent my variables, Thanks for the opportunity.

Benjy Parnell-King

Just suggestion on the UI side of things. Due to the blue button and tab design it can sometime be confusing to navigate through the menus as the UI clashes with that backgrounds. Basically blue on blue is a bit hard on the eye. It does look really slick though. The aesthetics of the game are great. I think I've played around on it for around 6 hours now and I am still having fun. I'm also hoping that you can take a leaf or 2 out of the Skate franchise's book and nail down the console controls. The amount of different configurations of tricks and manoeuvres is phenomenal in those games and I would hope to see the same in Snow. Especially shoulder buttons to grab, which to me seems intuitive. The idea of the controllers right and left representing the riders right and left would work wellI think.


I have 13 hours SNOW and i am loving it right now. It is the best skiing game out! Just a couple things. If there were a couple terrain parks that would be a lot more fun! If you made the chair lifts work so it makes them go up and down the mountain! If at the end of the mountain or terrain park you could just press enter or something like that to bring you to were the chair lift stops. If there could be setting respawn points so you can hit a jump or rail more then once instead of going to the top and trying to find it again. Adding multiplayer would also be awesome for more players and more ways to play. Having multiplayer would be the main awesome part added to this game! Free roaming with your friends and hitting jumps and rails. You should also put in like comps so you have to beat other ais scores or friends score.


when does the game come out

Oddo Bird

When or will the game be for mac


    possibly in a year or more they said, but no guarentee


Whats the difference between alpha pass and tester pass?

lebrun 22

can we play on snowboard or not ?


    not for the moment, but it will come, be patient ! :)


Hello, i thought of quite a good idea, you've got all these different makes of skis but what about adding those small trick skiis that some people use [the short skiis] that would be fun!

Mattis Vik

Just a idea but it whuld be cool to change the snow level and conditions , with this of course it whuld change how the skiis handled and you whuld have to adapt you'r style


One of my new favorite things to do in the game is "extreme ski"... taking slow, jumping lines down cliff faces. Right now it's fun to me because I can tolerate falling and restarting constantly. But it would be great if the snow covered rocks (the sharp ones, not the pillows) didn't cause you to fall if you were going slow, or only falling from a short height/had a lower velocity.