Hi Everyone,

We know things have been quiet since our last posts over Christmas and New Year's, so we wanted to keep you included in our SNOW family and really get you up-to-date with where everything stands for the up and coming release of SNOW Version 0.1.

The bad news: there are a few unexpected technical issues which are slowing us down. We're working through them, but they're definitely making the ride a little more choppy. Once these are resolved, though, things will move forward very quickly.

The good news is that while our programmer has been working on resolving the technical issues, our artist has been working hard to get the game world looking the way we all want it to. As you could see in the screenshots we released late last year, things are looking better and better. As we get closer to releasing SNOW 0.1, we'll start giving you an even closer look at the different faces and lines that will be open for exploration.

Until then, we urge you to keep spreading the word, talking to us on the forums-- and most important, enjoying the winter!


/Team SNOW

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