SNOW's First Video Contest of 2016

For the first Experience The Mountain Video Contest of 2016 we asked our talented riders and film makers to create a first person video as an homage to Candide Thovex's video series 'One Of Those Days'. We were really impressed with the videos, especially because it is not an easy exercise to film great footage from the first person perspective. The team here at Poppermost spent all week rating each submission and we are finally ready to announce our highest rated edits!

But before we announce the winners we want to thank everyone again for their amazing contributions!

So, without further ado, here we go...

3rdplacePundee gets 3rd Place for showing some extremely fluid editing and beautiful shots. Pundee wins 1,000 in-game credits and one pair of Faction Candide Thovex in-game skis of his choice!

2place2nd Place goes to arendsoogg, who showed some very smooth riding shots and cool tricks. Arendsoogg will receive 1,500 in-game credits and two pairs of Faction Candide Thovex in-game skis of his liking.


Congratulations to CitizN who wins the 1st place medal! As usual his edit is absolutely amazing. The tricks, riding, camera work and editing are all perfect. Well done CitizN!

CitzN wins 2,000 in-game credits, a pair of exclusive in-game iF3 skis and all four in-game Faction Candide Thovex signature skis from the 2015 / 2016 season.


Information about the next video contest will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Daan Santhuizen

how do i get SNOW preview?

    Matthijs Molenaar

    On steam? For free? I really don't see the problem...

Kristoffer Flateland

When does new update come out with snowmobiles and snowboards