Today I want to talk about Poppermost Productions, introduce you to the team and give you an idea of what we are each working on. We are a small team of 3 developers from Sweden - each bringing different but complimentary skills to the table!

First up we have Markus, Art Director at Poppermost. Markus worked at Teotl Studios, the group that brought you the Make Something Unreal winner The Ball. If you haven't checked it out, you should! At Poppermost, Markus takes charge of the artistic vision for all of our projects. Markus is creating the world of SNOW that you will eventually spend all of your time roaming around. He creates lots of unique rocks, cliffs, trees and bushes, which probably doesn't sound very exciting to you all. Thankfully he also gets to create a lot of the man-made features that you might find on a mountain like the snowparks and the lift network. We can't wait for Markus to start piecing the environment together so we can share some screenshots of his work!

Next is Filip, Poppermost's Tech Director. Filip has been working with CryENGINE for many years now and is part of the CryMono development team that creates tools for CryENGINE. At Poppermost Filip makes all of the technical decisions, handles all of our servers and websites and most importantly does the programming for all mechanics and systems in SNOW. Filip has been hard at work re-writing all of the movement mechanics and improving the overall authenticity of the gameplay experience. As he gets things to a more stable (and attractive) state, we will give you a peek into the in-game experience.

Finally there is me, Alexander. I am the CEO of Poppermost Productions as well as the Game Director of SNOW. My previous experience comes from a handful of AAA development studios in both Stockholm and New York including Avalanche, GRIN and Kaos. At Poppermost I handle all business affairs and project management, as well as the overall game design for our projects. I also deal with our social presence and just about anything else that comes up during development. Simply put, I make sure Markus and Filip are happy and able to focus on their work so that SNOW gets made!

So there you have it: Poppermost Productions. If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with Poppermost, we now have a Facebook page dedicated to the studio.

Stay tuned for another post in the next week.

/Team SNOW

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