Winners of the first SNOW video contest

This past Monday was the final day to submit your SNOW entry for the Experience The Mountain Video Contest - our first of a series of contests to challenge our talented film makers. Together with the International Freeski Film Festival (IF3) we asked our community to make their best freeride SNOW edits - to show off their most creative lines and the natural beauty of the mountain.

We had some amazing submissions and (believe it or not) the final vote was a close one! Thanks again to everyone who submitted an edit - if you didn't win this time, there will be another SNOW contest starting on September 3rd!

Here are the 3 winning videos:


SNOW Contest 3rd place

Felix Emhjellen wins 1000 in game credits!


SNOW Contest 2nd place

Petty77 wins 1500 in-game credits!


SNOW Contest 1st place

CitizN wins 2000 in-game credits, will have his video premiered at the next IF3 stop, and receives these exclusive IF3 skis in-game!

SNOW iF3 skis

We felt that CitizN deserves to win because the riding and tricks displayed in the edit show a high level of technicality, style and creativity. We were incredibly impressed with his use of the camera and ability to edit to the music provided. CitizN definitely set the bar high.

The next Experience The Mountain Video Contest will begin on September 3rd - stay tuned for more details!

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