Winners of the first SNOW video contest!

Wow! What an amazing turnout for our second Experience The Mountain Video Contest! We had more than double the number of entries this time around and the quality was incredible from all of them!

As a reminder, this month we asked our community to make their best SNOW park edits. We wanted to see style, creativity, and skill, all captured with great camera work and smooth editing. We had the entire team at Poppermost judge each of the entries by their editing, riding & tricks and camera work. We then aggregated all of the scores to find our winning three edits.

So without further ado, here are the three winning SNOW videos:


SNOW Contest 3rd placeThis was a tight one! Both of these edits got the same amount total scores and were individually ranked the same. So we decided that they both deserve to win. Congratulations to Prebi7 and Parker Milbrath!

Parker and Prebi7 both win 1000 in game credits each and the exclusive Infinity Park Trucker hat (pictured below)!


SNOW Contest 2nd place

Pontus Olsson wins 1500 in-game credits and the exclusive Infinity Park Trucker hat (pictured below)!


SNOW Contest - 1st place

Congratulations to Felix Emhjellen! Felix wins 2000 in-game credits, will have his SNOW video premiered at the next iF3 stop, and receives these exclusive iF3 skis in-game and the exclusive Infinity Park Trucker hat!

SNOW iF3 skis

SNOW Infinity Trucker CapFelix achieved 1st Place thanks to his extremely creative riding (double tail to switch up 270 off!), fantastic camera work and smooth but energetic editing. One of the comments left during the judging process captured the entire team's feelings exactly:

Really good use of slowmo, cool tricks and intressing variations, and made super good use of the camera.

The next Experience The Mountain Video Contest will begin on Friday October 2nd, so stay tuned for more details!



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