We have partnered with ESPN to bring the Winter X Games 2016 course to SNOW on October 25th!


As you probably know, the X Games is the ultimate winter sports event and features the most competitive Slopestyle, Super Pipe and Big Air events every year. The entire course from Buttermilk mountain has been carefully reproduced in SNOW to ensure you can experience the course like the real athletes do. Earning a Gold Metal in all three events will unlock an exclusive X Games hoodie for you to show off on the mountain.


The Winter X Games course will launch on October 25th on both PC and PlayStation 4.

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Ashley Hutton

So bullshit, honestly for people who payed the $20 to buy this game, and support you guys in the early days, this is what we get? A paid dlc? I would much rather this game be pay to play and once you're in you just unlock maps and gear. Is building jumps going to cost money as well?

Ashley Hutton

BullS#%! that people who supported you guys in the early days, forking out $20 have to pay for this.

Kenny Budd

total rip off, waited 2 years for a Game that I'd be willing to pay for if they didn't change the price last minute. Then they want us to pay for dlc content right away. total let down

Philip Schmider

R.i.p good games