Game Update 0.10.0 released on December 21st 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4.


  • Added DC JibCity event to Whiteridge
  • Added new clothing and equipment from Vans, Dakine, Yes, 686, and Bonfire
  • Added new clothing and equipment from Lo2 & Poppermost
  • Overall improvements to Sialia
  • Overall improvements to Tyro Valley


  • Upgraded engine to CRYENGINE 5.4.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Added walking functionality.
  • Added functionality for a player to┬ácome to a complete stop
  • Added ability to ride a ski lift
  • Added Sightseeings Points
  • Improved Backcountry Drop Point unlocking mechanics
  • Heli Drop Points are now all unlocked at level 20

Free to Play

  • Reset all player levels
  • Updated leveling progression
  • Added Swag Bags
  • Added Ski Passes
  • Added free mountain rotation functionality (updated every Thursday)


  • Added cutscenes to events
  • Added start gate to events
  • Added event finish podium cutscene
  • Added event info modal during event start cutscene


  • Tyro Valley is now the default multiplayer mountain
  • Added ragdolls in multiplayer
  • Added multiplayer chat log/history
  • Removed player vs player collisions in multiplayer

User Interface

  • Added new mountain selection menu
  • Updated mountain info modal
  • Reorganized Store, Play, and Me menu


  • Fixed syncing player storage to backend
  • Fixed music volume affecting sfx volume
  • Fixed player spawning under terrain after using Quick Restart
  • Fixed second event checkpoint pin having the same opacity as first visible
  • Fixed player dying when restarting an event
  • Fixed hold button UI element not expanding to fit it's description
  • Fixed icon pins being visible on game shutdown
  • Fixed disabled items in a list style menu being always selected


Known Issues

  • PS4: Flickering at certain areas of certain levels
  • PS4: Menu selection doesn't work using Analog Stick (use D-Pad instead)
  • PS4: Random crashes
  • Sometimes backend fails to respond when loading reward, completing event, or opening swag bag
  • Events sometimes stop tracking your score (quit event to resolve)
  • Backcountry Drop Points display 2 icons instead of 1

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