• Updated particle shaders to match that of CRYENGINE 3.6.7
  • Fix: DX10 shaders were not properly compiled
  • Player is now drawn in camera space for first person, fixes clipping issues
  • Fix: Skier angular velocity not being reset on freeze
  • Unified resolution handling
  • Resolution is always updated upon receiving the alt + enter event
  • Changed alt tab behavior, now disables full screen temporarily instead of hiding the window
  • Fix: Loading a level while already in that level
  • Added pl_skiTurningSpeedMin CVar, used to make sure that the player can at least turn a bit on asphalt.
  • Fixed dynamic ernvironment probe settings not entirely matching that of the static CRYENGINE version
  • Fixed possible crash on update
  • Tweaked turning speeds and snow friction to better allow turning on the snow and snow powder surface types.

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Sébastien Bisson

Something to say:

    Sébastien Bisson

    the tricks in jump is now less good, the tricks in rail is real good ^^ thanks. The points for triks have some bug. The song is perfect. Crash is less. And the jump of ski man is a little bite small.

Braden Wannamaker

there is one pretty bad bug were the players body stretches out like crazy please fix it.