• Updated to CRYENGINE 3.6.8
  • Fix: Dynamic environment probe crash when there was not texture generated
  • Increased first person local field of view from 60 to 75
  • Added Detached Camera controls
  • Tweaked default camera orbit speed
  • Fix: Game attempting to load a level using the command line passed to the application
  • Fix: Game not reloading Frontend correctly after a level load failure



  • Grind paths added to all grindable assets
  • Fix: Powder particles playing when landing on ice
  • Updated surfacetype for snow and snow_powder (now only powder)
  • Optimized lift station
  • Added snow cannons
  • Fochi: Updated rails and tweaked sizes of assets
  • Fochi: Updated with new jumps
  • Sialia: Quarry: Added more details and improved gameplay
  • Sialia:¬†Added new¬†area (it's a surprise!)
  • Sialia: Eastwater Village: Improved gameplay
  • Sialia: Eastwater River: Gameplay fixes

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Christoffer Hansen

Having black screen when I start the game :(

    Pede Bruun

    You have to "Verify integrity of game cache".. Go to Steam, find your "SNOW" application, right-click it and select "Properties". From there, go to "Local files" and there should be the veryfing option. Should work :)

Mac Stewart

The Recent Update your team did on the game was not very well done, i had good frames and the game ran very well but after the recent update the game runs like garbage and i as a founder funder am not pleased with the way the game is going, i think you should focus on optimitaion in areas and not so much on putting to much in one area so large frame drops occur, i would like it if you could make a option to go to previous verisons of the game.

    Keith Stockdale

    You don't optimize a game or part of a game until it is done. There is no point in optimizing something that isn't finished because any changes will likely require new optimizations that render the time spent doing the first optimizations pointless and wasted. This is an alpha. It isn't finished yet. Their first priority is to finish it and then to optimize it.

Matthias Doppelreiter

I love this update. The new wood area with the jib obstacles is great. keep going with this good work

Braden Wannamaker

I can't play without my player going glicthy. I whish I could send you a pic but can't having troubles

Johan Ridder

The new park <3

Reidar Hansen

Hi i just wonder if MultiPlayer mod is working, me and my buddy have test pack and i have founder pack when i host lobby and he join eighter he's game crash or he goes back to lobby so please tell me what to do :)

Marco Bishopp

When will I be able to play Snow on my mac

Bartosz Kojder

Will u make snowboard there too?

Matteo Matriche

can we play on mac

Aplha Wolfe

Please. Fix. The. Black. Screen! I did everything and none of it works!