• Multiplayer improvements
  • "DUALSHOCK 4" (PS4) controller support
  • Updated to CRYENGINE 3.6.10
  • Fix: Skeletons were not updated on the server when out of view range
  • Fix: Field of view being set twice and not adhering to cl_camFieldOfView
  • Cleaned up CVar usage, removed unused ones
  • Added seamless multiplayer check
  • Added "version" data key for lobbies and servers
  • Added debug CreateLobby command
  • Improved lobby <-> server connection process
  • Fixed near plane (first person) shadows
  • Implemented steam networking interfaces and new experimental punchthrough
  • Fixed Jansson not using the CRYENGINE memory manager
  • Fixed a bunch of debug mode assertions
  • Corrected OnEndSession FG parameter
  • Fixed possible particle physics crash during gameplay
  • Reworked player freezing to avoid slight movement
  • Removed min air time for land
  • Actor stats are now fully reset after revive
  • Inputs are no longer reset on revive
  • Tricks are now queried on land, enter air and revival
  • Fix: Exploit to perform a trick while on ground by using arrow key immediately after spawning
  • Fix: Player dying if performing trick when respawning
  • Fixed buttering behaviour
  • Fixed dynamic light source passing a temporary variable onwards
  • Cleaned up & optimized player view code
  • Optimized ViewFirstPerson function
  • Fix: Non orthonormalized matrices in player view
  • Improved GameWarning usage
  • Fix: Max surface velocity was checked by surface name instead of id
  • Fix: Possible renderer crash during level load
  • Moved keyboard shifty from Mannequin idle to trick manager, fixes issues with inability to shifty while rotating
  • Removed trick & rotation logging
  • Changed forced kill to bail
  • Optimized ski effects
  • Fix: Particle flashing while skiing over a new surface type
  • Dynamic environment probe textures are now cached on entity spawn
  • Optimized CActor::UpdateStats, steam statistics are now sent on revive, death or actor destruction
  • Disabled a bunch of unused render targets
  • Integrated CRYENGINE fix for particles not loading in updated cubemaps
  • Fixed poles being incorrectly deselectable
  • Fixed possible physics deadlock on spawn
  • Re-implemented sideways landing crash


  • Sialia: Quarry: Added more details and improved gameplay
  • Sialia: Eastwater Forest: Improved gameplay, added more details
  • Sialia: Eastwater Village: Improved gameplay
  • Sialia: Eastwater River: Improved gameplay
  • Sialia: Shrine: Improved gameplay

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Alex Carpenter

Love it, keep it up.

Zachary Daniels

What is up with the multiplayer? It's not working.

    Liam Silverman

    same here, it just brings me back to the home screen.. I really wanted to play it with my friend..

Matteo Matriche

can we play on mac

Kevin Mcbride

what happened to the flymode?

Oscar Esposti

Is it on ps4 yet?

Lars Heemskerk

why is my game glitching guys!!?? i bougt it 5 min ago and it is really weird

    Lars Heemskerk


Lars Heemskerk

Please fix it, now i can't play because my game is glitching. My charactar is really weird and When i load the game, i can steer and ski but i don't see anything

Liam Silverman

The multiplayer just doesnt work, it brings me back to the home screen...

Oliver Larsson

the multiplayer doesn't work just black screen Fix it pls

Marin Dumont

dommage que pas compatible ps3